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Seven options to help pubs collect track and trace data

By Ed Bedington

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Solutions: what apps are available to aidpubs with track and trace
Solutions: what apps are available to aidpubs with track and trace

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With pubs given the go ahead to open their doors, one of the key issues around reopening is about collecting and storing customer data to enable tracking and tracing.

Pubs across the country are currently wrestling with a dilemma which could pose a real barrier to getting customers back on board, ranging from privacy concerns through to breaching GDPR rules.

Pubs across the country are currently wrestling with a dilemma which could pose a real barrier to getting customers back on board, ranging from privacy concerns through to breaching GDPR rules.

Fortunately, once more, technology is on hand to lend operators some much needed help in this space, with a wide range of companies bringing systems to market to give operators some peace of mind.

In this feature, The Morning Advertiser​, along with several partners, rounds up a few of the options available on the market for your information:

Time to Spare

Time to Spare

Time to Spare lets you easily check customers in and out, store their data securely, and remember regulars. Staff only have to tick a box and customers don’t need to download an app which, let’s face it, everyone hates doing. This isn't an expensive new booking service or ordering system - you don't have to change the way you operate. It works just as well with walk-ins as with pre-booked tables.

Using Time to Spare means you are fully compliant with the latest guidelines, including the optional "best practice". It helps you to avoid a potentially hefty GDPR fine that might come from using pen and paper. Customer details are hidden, encrypted and only stored for the required 21 days.

Time to Spare’s solution​ was designed to be stress-free for you and your customers.

So how does it work?

  1. Customers visit reopenuk.com​ when they arrive, or can pre-register on a custom built page. They don't need to do this again for 21 days.
  2. The server comes to take the order and simply ticks a box to confirm a customers’ details, or adds their details themselves
  3. When a table leaves they can be signed out in one go
  4. Should an NHS contact tracer make a request, the account owner easily generates a prioritised list by searching a name, rather than having to sift through reams of paper.

Get setup in 5 minutes. Sign up now for a free 7 day trial: openmypub.com


Promotigo has created a platform, Guest Visit, which ensures publicans and restaurant owners retain all the data securely and that they adhere to GDPR regulations. It gives customers the assurance that it will only be used in the event of an NHS Test and Trace request. The system does not allow the pub or restaurant any access to the data, so they can neither lose it or use it to market back to their guests.

Promotigo is accredited by the Data and Marketing Association (DMA). Guest Visit is a simple, secure, GDPR-compliant registration site for customers - who scan a QR code at the pub or restaurant and then simply enter their name, email and phone number on the site. The data is collected safely and stored securely and is available to any hospitality business within two minutes of them signing up. 


Promotigo CEO Nick Deyong says: “Opening up pubs and restaurants is a key part of the UK’s economic recovery, but it is not without potential problems. Guest Visit removes a major headache for those in the hospitality sector by ensuring that all customer data is collected safely and stored securely, and that they are fully GDPR compliant. Customers can be assured their data will only be used in the event of an NHS Test and Trace request, to alert other customers if someone in the venue is diagnosed with Covid-19. Otherwise it will be destroyed within 21 days, so their personal privacy is always fully respected,” he said. 

For more information, visit: www.guestvisit.co.uk


InkPass​ provides the safest, easiest and most secure way for all venues to record their guests' details and remain fully GDPR compliant. InkPass was developed to be used by any pub, bar or restaurant that is required to collect guest data as part of the Governments guidelines on re-opening and wants to be totally confident the data on their guests is secure.

To use InkPass guests must follow a one-time registration process and then check-in. Once checked in, the user will have a pass that is displayed on their phone which is easy for any staff member to see.


The team​ behind InkPass  were chosen to join Project Oasis​ by the MOD and NHS as part of the team to help track COVID -19 in the UK.

As the concerns over the safety and privacy of customer data during this phase is quite rightly a challenge for many, InkPass will only release the stored data to Public Health England or NHS Test and Trace team. There is no facility for using these details for marketing. The data held by InkPass is encrypted and never seen by the venue or InkPass.

InkPass generates anonymous identifiers, similar to the approach used by Apple and Google, which the NHS will use in their new app.

InkPass is free for all guests to use. For business, after a 30-day free trial, it is £10 per month with no minimum contract and can register at https://inkpass.io​.

After a 21-day period, all customer data held by InkPass is automatically deleted.

Website link

Venue Trace

Venue Trace

One of the simplest options for test and trace compliance is VenueTrace, which was designed to ensure your customers can check-in whilst maintaining GDPR compliance, and minimising the impact on your staff.

After signing up on the website (which only takes about two minutes), your venue is issued with a unique venue code which can be shared on posters across the pub - VenueTrace have even designed the posters for you.

Customers visit the VenueTrace website, enter the venue code and then check-in with their name, email address and phone number - so there's no need to download an app, and you can do it for them if they don't have a mobile phone.

Then, if you're contacted by contact tracers, you can return to the VenueTrace website, confirm the time period you need, and download all of the data in an easy to share CSV format.

Even better, VenueTrace helps you to grow your mailing list - it's integrated with Mailchimp and MailerLite, and there's a .csv download for other platforms. This means your customers can elect to receive the latest news and updates from your venue.

VenueTrace costs £5.00 per month (plus VAT) per venue, and there's a 14 day free trial so you can check the solution is right for you and your customers.

For more information, visit: https://www.venuetrace.com/#/venues


RecordCustomer.com is a web-based solution to help pubs and other venues to comply with their track and trace responsibilities quickly and in a fully GDPR compliant manner. We check customers-in when they arrive and out when they leave.

The first step is to sign up, you can even upload your logo so the platform can create you a unique website URL and QR code. When the customer

Record customer

arrives they will simply scan the QR code on their device, complete a short-form, and check-in. That’s it, no need for your staff to patrol the pub and interact at a socially unsafe distance or pass around pen and paper. It allows you to go one step further too, the customer gets a confirmation screen which they could show you on entry or when they get served; just to give you the peace of mind. When it’s time to leave they just scan the QR code again and press “sign-out”.

If the Government asks for customer details from a specific time period we have you covered too, you simply log in to your dashboard and download the relevant data. The system will automatically delete data older than twenty-one days so you have complete pieces of mind. The system will also create the venue their own tailored Privacy Policy to help comply with GDPR regulation.

You can be up and running in minutes and there is no commitment, we bill monthly so if rules change you simply cancel your subscription. Sign up using the code MORNINGADVERTISER to get 20% for your first three months.

For more information and to sign up, visit: www.recordcustomer.com

Door Sentinels

DoorSentinels​ introduces “SAM” – our Simple Attendance Manager - as a QR reader based app which enables customers to easily and securely pass their contact details to any pub or licenced premises which is required to obtain, retain and destroy customer details to comply with their “track & trace” obligations.  

Door sentinals

Scalable for one venue or 1,000, with functionality for adding administrators for the whole business or specific locations, DoorSentinels​ has solved the headache for businesses of all sizes to scan people into their pubs in a hassle free way. 

The website has a full suite of video guides to help businesses in getting ready to open, as well as to guide customers how to use the system.  And after registration, businesses have access to a library of sector specific posters and other printable materials to advertise and explain how SAM works.  Nothing is going be without teething problems on “Super Saturday”, but by “Settled Down Sunday” your customers will be fully on board – and the seamless flow of people through pub doors will be restored!

SAM has a user friendly dashboard to enable businesses to manually add visitors, who may not have smartphones, and a process to scan people both in and out (if desired).  Designed and developed by Tuckers Solicitors, it has been designed to comply with the data protection requirements imposed on businesses by the Covid 19 regulations in compliance with the GDPR.  Records are automatically deleted after 21 days, ensuring the minimum required information is kept for the minimum amount of time.

For more information, visit: www.doorsentinels.com


Phonetica, based in Cirencester, in the Cotswolds, have developed a specialised technology which they have called Tradesafe, a plug-and-play pub and restaurant system and app that automatically downloads and stores patron information on arrival directly from their mobile phones.

It also counts customers on entrance and exit and manages overall numbers and times on site, without the need for staff supervision.


Other features include drink and food ordering, ‘server call’, ‘request for bill’ and ‘toilet free’ notification.

The benefits are said to include management and control of bathroom numbers and the sending of alerts to staff regarding high restroom use, thus guiding the intervals for cleaning and sanitation.

“The immediate concern for businesses would be the cost of door staff taking details and the risk in their proximity to every customer entering the premises.

Extra door staff is of course an option, but technology is the best solution,” said Phonetica director and founder Simon Clegg.

The smart unit and device have been developed using all British components and proprietary software, from the build to the manufacture. Unlike other devices and systems on the market, is based on the people management and monitoring systems demanded by airports.

Tradesafe includes data and tracking, set at necessary control of people and limiting them to the predicted compliance levels.

“By downloading the app once, Tradesafe will aid any restaurant, hotel or pub team to manage their business by giving real time notifications to staff in regard to names, contact details and occupancy.

Avoiding unnecessary staff contact by using ordering features and text requests also help venues comply with the guidance.”

For more info, visit www.tradesafe-uk.com

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