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Callebaut Dessert Report offers operators key insights to boost profits

By Callebaut

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Who’s hungry? Delightful Cookies from Callebaut (credit: Matt Madden Photography)
Who’s hungry? Delightful Cookies from Callebaut (credit: Matt Madden Photography)

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Callebaut’s latest Dessert Report provides operators with a comprehensive overview of the ever-changing foodservice landscape, to help pub operators drive their dessert sales.

Pubs continue to be a popular channel for eating out, with 54% of consumers indicating that they frequent pubs to eat out of home. Some 44% of consumers also stated that they usually order a dessert, cake or pastry when eating out. It is reassuring to see spend per dessert order is up with consumers looking to treat themselves. Adding chocolate to desserts can be a key way to add to the indulgence consumers are looking for in order to premiumise their dessert of choice.

This is the second edition of the report, featuring CGA commissioned research focusing on the past, present and future of dining out in the UK. Covering a variety of important topics such as pricing, menu creation and demographics, the report gives operators invaluable insight on how they can maximise their profits through their dessert menus.

Almost half rank chocolate as best 

One key finding, unsurprisingly, is that chocolate remains a firm consumer favourite with 45% of consumers ranking it No.1. Nearly 40% (35%) of consumers also highlighted that they found chocolate with Belgian provenance the most appealing, meaning that consumers are looking for quality ingredients in the foods they consume. Insight such as this can prove to be incredibly beneficial to operators looking for consumer feedback when designing their dessert menu. The demand for premium desserts across the UK continues with 49% of consumers being more likely to order a dessert if it is made with premium ingredients.

Seasonality plays a large role in this too, with 61% of consumers preferring a seasonal dessert menu to a consistent one. This aligns with consumers being willing to spend more on desserts to provide themselves with that all-important indulgent treat following the challenges of the past two years.

Sharing desserts popular

Social and celebratory occasions are also on the rise, with levels of movement returning to normal, which is seeing a rise in the together occasion often celebrated in pubs. The report found that 84% of dessert consumers opt for sharing desserts, and 34% agree they do this to enjoy the sharing experience. Callebaut’s campaign, Everyday Inspiration Together ​offers operators a range of delicious, simple recipes suitable for a variety of channels. With sweet treats such as Brownie Pokie and Vegan Chocolate Carrot Cake, there is ample inspiration for operators looking how to take this insight and put it into practice.

Inclusivity remains an important trend in desserts, with more than half of typical dessert consumers, and 76% of those with a dietary requirement, think vegan dessert options deserve a place on menus. For pub operators, making sure they have at least one vegan offering on their menus can help to boost profits.

To download Callebaut’s free Dessert Report​, click here​.

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