Banks aren't the only source available to lend you money for expansion, so do your homework before taking the cash

Smart money: sourcing funds to expand your business

By Michelle Perrett

If you want to expand your business, financial backing is key but where can you get your hands on the readies? It’s not just banks that can help you. There are probably more options than you think

Tough times: pub and bar insolvencies have risen for the first time in four years

Pub and bar insolvencies rise 9% in past year

By Georgina Townshend

Smaller pubs should consider their funding options to "tap into popular trends and retain market share", according to London-based commercial lender Ortus Secured Finance, as it warns pub and bar insolvencies have increased by 9% in the past...

Rate rise: Mark Carney has overseen the first interest rate rise in a decade

Don't panic - industry reaction to interest rate increase

By Michelle Perrett

Concern may have been expressed in the trade about this month’s rise in interest rates, but while licensees would be advised to check their finances, the consensus is there should be little in the move to worry publicans

Pints sales down: worrying sales figures

Worrying 35m pint drop in beer sales

By Nicholas Robinson

Sales of beer in pubs have suffered a worrying drop, the worst performance in five years, for the third quarter of 2017.

Funding: Joseph Holt is an independent, family brewer, founded in 1849

Joseph Holt secures £25m refinancing deal

By Nikkie Sutton

Joseph Holt has agreed a £25m deal with the Royal Bank of Scotland to support further growth plans to the brewer's pub estate, brewery and developing new products.