Crucial trading period: December revenue has been predicted to drop by a further quarter (Credit: Getty/wutwhanfoto)

December revenue predicted to drop by a quarter

By Rebecca Weller

The Government need to step in and provide financial help before it’s too late as December revenue for the hospitality sector has been predicted to drop by a further quarter, according to industry body UKHospitality.

The Night-Time Industry Association: CEO Michael Kill asked

NTIA urges the Chancellor to 'come out of hiding'

By Rebecca Weller

The Night-Time Industries Associations (NTIA) has called on the Chancellor to "come out of hiding" following a week of "sledgehammer" announcements for the sector, and outline how hospitality businesses will be supported through the...

Is there any support for the pub sector?

Support needed now, not later, pub boss warns

By Ed Bedington

Further Government support ahead of any future potential restrictions is “critical” for the pub sector, according to one of the UK’s leading operators.

Nicola Sturgeon: Tighter coronavirus restrictions announced for pubs across Scotland just before Christmas

New rules 'kill Christmas' for Scottish pubs

By Rebecca Weller

Nicola Sturgeon announced yesterday (14 December 2021) the reinstitution of tighter coronavirus restrictions for pubs across Scotland such as social distancing and data collection for contact tracing.

12 days of misery: NTIA calls on the Government for financial support for hospitality through the Omicron wave (Credit: Getty/ D-Keine)

Government has left hospitality facing '12 days of misery'

By Rebecca Weller

The Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA) has called on the Government to urgently provide hospitality businesses with financial support through the Omicron wave of the pandemic as it estimated footfall had fallen by 30% since last Thursday, and the...

Trade issues: BII boss Steve Alton warned of the difficulties currently facing the sector

‘Viable businesses will be lost from communities’

By Nikkie Thatcher

The Government’s latest announcement including asking people to work from home to help curb the spread of the Omicron variant could mean viable businesses will be lost, one sector leader has said.

State advice: the Government's work from home guidance has now come into force (image: Getty/Poike)

Plan B: 'Restrictions put industry in a precarious position'

By Georgi Gyton, MCA

The reintroduction of the work from home rule will have a significant impact on pubs, restaurants and food to go outlets based in the capital or city centres, The Morning Advertiser's sister title MCA has heard from sector leaders.

How have pubs reacted to Plan B?

Industry 'shafted' by Government

By Ed Bedington

Cancellations are reported to be flooding in from across hospitality in the wake of the Government's shift to Plan B.

Why is Plan B bad for pubs?

Sector once again scapegoated

By Ed Bedington

So with the whiff of scandal in the air the Government lurches into distraction - sorry I mean action - to announce the launch of Plan B.

Looking to the future: pubs code adjudicator Fiona Dickie says she is looking forward to the progress she can make in 2022

Making change to achieve more progress in 2022

By Fiona Dickie, pubs code adjudicator

As 2021 draws to a close its end is marked by the latest step I have taken to improve the way the pubs code works for tenants, and it is a big one.

Present measures: current rules include face coverings in shops and on public transport (image: Getty/JohnnyGreig)

Christmas rules set to be revealed next week

By Nikkie Thatcher

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce if there will be restrictions for the festive period next week and it is likely to be around 17 December.

What's in the news 3 December?

Review of the week

‘There isn’t security in what’s being said by the Government’

By Ed Bedington

The Morning Advertiser editor Ed Bedington spoke with New World Trading Company's Natasha Waterfield about this week's headlines including the impact of the Omicron variant on trade and how this has affected Christmas bookings for the business.

Uncertainty over new variant: 78% of publicans see increase in cancellations (Credit: Getty/No-Mad)

Most operators seeing Christmas booking cancellations

By Rebecca Weller

More than three quarters (78%) of publicans have noticed an increase in cancellations since the announcement of the new Omicron Coronavirus variant, a snap poll conducted by the Morning Advertisers (MA) has found.

Rise in cancellations: The number of cancelled bookings rose by 2% on 29 November (Credit: Getty/yevtony)

Vote now: have you seen Christmas cancellations?

By Rebecca Weller

Poor communication about coronavirus variants from the Government has caused widespread uncertainty in the hospitality sector and has impacted cancellations, according to the Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA).

What is the latest government position on pubs?


Death by a thousand cuts?

By Ed Bedington

And so we find ourselves, once again, standing at a potential cliff edge, waiting for the casual and careless shove of our political leaders to send us into the abyss.

Is it a matter of time? The wearing of face coverings in pubs has not been enforced (credit: Getty/monkeybusinessimages)

Concern over new variant as face masks ruled out at pubs

By The Morning Advertiser

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has voiced concern over the new Covid variant Omicron but has welcomed the Government's decision to not ‘mitigate against hospitality’ by preventing enforced use of face masks.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 31

The Lock In Podcast

The podcast is back! The Lock In returns for series two...

By Ed Bedington

The popular Lock In podcast makes a return for it's second season and to kick things off, the podcast team, Ed Bedington, Heath Ball and James Cuthbertson take a look at what's been happening while they've been off air, from government...

Delay crucial for success: July 2022 unrealistic for the sector (Credit: Getty/ Daniel Grizelj)

Hospitality sector shows support for DRS delay

By Rebecca Weller

The hospitality sector has shown support for Scottish minister Lorna Slater following the postponement of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) indefinitely.

Agonising impact: Covid Pass expansion would be

Late-night trade slashed by a quarter after Covid Pass rollout

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

The implementation of Covid Passes has considerably impacted the Welsh hospitality sector, with late-night businesses experiencing a 26% drop in trade since the rollout, which costs businesses approximately £398 per week in added cost, a poll...

Changes needed to continue success: the Pub Governing Board (PGB) has released the review of its annual audit

PGB: Rent reviews and BDM key areas for focus

By Gary Lloyd

The need to train business development managers properly and prompt resolutions to outstanding rent reviews are two factors that must be improved if the codes of practice for pubcos with fewer than 500 pubs is to maintain its high standards of compliance.

Operator reaction: 'a 5% reduction in duty is not even a drop in the ocean but it is good news,' says licensee of the Plough and Barleycorn in the Isle of Wight, Gav Young


'Pubs are now the sickly child of the high street'

By Gav Young, the Plough and Barleycorn, Isle of Wight

So the red tops are awash with pictures of Boris and Rishi holding pints aloft as they declare not only a duty freeze but a 3p reduction, of course there is much small print including the cut not coming into force until 2023 or, indeed, on kegs under...

What does the industry think of the 2021 Budget?

August budget 2021

Budget 2021: Industry reaction

By Ed Bedington

As the dust settles around Rishi Sunak's Budget, the industry is starting to pick apart the details of the pledges made, with mixed reactions. The Morning Advertiser spoke to a range of leading figures from the trade to get their thoughts on whether...

Government move praised: Hogs Back Brewery owner Rupert Thompson

Autumn Budget 2021

Duty freeze and further cuts are 'bold and far reaching'

By Gary Lloyd

Sector bosses have hailed the Government’s decision to scrap planned duty increases to alcoholic drinks and introduce a Draught Relief scheme to further reduce duty as “bold and far reaching”.

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