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Now’s the time to act – choose a drinks supplier that will grow your business

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The current crisis has brought unprecedented challenges, testing the strength of every individual working in the UK on-trade. Right now, all operators face huge pressure to navigate new rules and future-proof pubs and bars. So, more than ever, our aim at HEINEKEN UK is to get your business back on track. We will give you the tools and support to recover quickly and safely, boost your business and enhance your customers’ experiences.

As the UK’s leading pub, cider and beer company, HEINEKEN is committed to growing your business through five areas of expertise. Our brands, insights and innovation will equip you physically, while commitment to quality and the environment elevates your customers’ experiences and drives growth, rooted in sustainability. Find out how together we can build the right partnership to support you by clicking here​.

1. The Best Beer and Cider Brands

You want every customer to be satisfied every visit. Stock the brands consumers want to drink and be seen drinking. Offering the most popular, best-selling beer and cider brands means you’ll sell a higher volume and generate more money in your till. Did you know, you can charge an average of 57p more per pint of premium lager over mainstream[1]​? What’s more, stocking the leading mainstream apple and flavoured ciders together can increase your total category sales by 21%[2]​!

Build your range so that you have a beer or cider for every drinker. You can save time and money by choosing a trusted brand to suit each customer, all from one place, via HEINEKEN. Some of your customers will be looking for an easy-drinking lager like Heineken® or Foster’s, while others will prefer Strongbow Original or Strongbow Dark Fruit, the nation’s favourite cider brands[3]​. With our diverse portfolio, you can access ranging advice and select the right brands for your specific customer demographic. Whether it’s Birra Moretti, the fastest growing beer[4]​; John Smith’s, the nation’s number one ale[5]​; Old Mout, the fastest-growing premium flavoured cider[6]​; or Heineken 0.0, the leading No and Low Alcohol brand[7]​, we can help you cater for your customers’ needs, and make sure volume throughput and great quality is maintained.

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2. Understanding You and Your Customers

We know what works. We have 2,500 pubs where we can test new products, advice, trends and we then share them with you, our business partners. Did you know we tested Strongbow Dark Fruit in our pubs first – and look at the success of that!

To build a competitive advantage, it makes sense to work with a supplier who can give tangible, quality and proven advice. We are uniquely placed to share key retail experience – so whether that’s market and consumer trends to the latest legislation, our advice and best practice will help you save time, money and grow your business.

We all want to see the pub industry bounce back – to see pubs thriving once again.  And as pub owners ourselves, we are dedicated to building successful and sustainable business partnerships that will get consumers through your doors.

3. Making Things Easier and More Profitable

Do you want to save £5,000 a year? You can when you join the HEINEKEN Buying Club. We share our buying power with you – so you will always get exclusive discounts and enjoy better commercial terms than elsewhere on the market. Whether it’s utilities, waste disposal, catering equipment or marketing tools, the HEINEKEN Buying Club’s got you covered.

And that’s not all. We want your customers to have the best experience so will work with you to provide innovative business solutions that work seamlessly with everything your regulars already love about your venue.

We know that right now, your customers are leaning on technology to make them feel safer, so you need a way to build their confidence that doesn’t interfere with your daily operations. We innovate with short-term and long-term benefits in mind, so that you have the technology to increase your productivity, profitability and connectivity. Our new payment, loyalty and reservation app, Swifty​, limits physical contact and caters to your customers’ immediate needs, while giving you valuable insights into their purchasing behaviour to help you improve your offering on a long-term basis.

Similarly, you can access all your point of sale needs through our one-stop-shop, POS Direct​, allowing you to select and personalise the right marketing support to drive footfall, increase dwell time and encourage spending.

When 90% of your beer and cider sales come from draught[8]​, you need a system that connects dispense technology with the service and insights to improve your quality, reduce waste, and save time and money. With HEINEKEN SmartDispense™​, let us take on the burden of line cleaning so you can focus on running your business. Deliver consistently cold, great quality beer while minimising lost profits through 82% waste reduction[9]​, giving you the reassurance our industry-leading technology has your business’ best interests at heart.

Now more than ever, operators need to adapt quickly, drive footfall, prolong visits and deliver a great customer experience, which is why we’re continuously developing innovative solutions to meet all your business needs.

4. Doing Business In the Right Way

In business, you want access to a strong support network that has the advice and tools to help you. Your expert HEINEKEN sales rep can give you practical support to grow your business, alongside our dedicated UK-based customer contact centre and online services enabling you to order at your convenience, and access new products and support in a way that works for you. Through our work with expert partners InnServe and Kuehne+Nagel, you have all the equipment you need to make sure every serve is perfect and that your drinks are delivered safely and on time.

Having a clear stance on your environmental impact has a positive effect on both loyalty and spend: 66% of consumers choose to purchase products or services based on their “environmental friendliness”[10]​ and 77% of organisations say their sustainability approaches increased customer loyalty[11]​. With solutions that support your business and help reduce your environmental impact, we can grow together with sustainability always in mind. Join thousands of UK operators collectively saving 60 million pints of beer, cider, water and cleaning materials plus over 273 tonnes of CO2 every year[12]​ through investing in sustainable dispense; tap into conscious consumer choices like moderation with the leading No & Low Alcohol brands; or serve beers with 100% of the barley sustainably sourced from within the UK. With all this and more, HEINEKEN can support your eco-friendly ambitions.

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5. Unbeatable Quality Experiences

Especially in our current climate, quality is paramount. Your customers want a quality pint, a quality venue and quality service.

From cellar to serve, there are many ways you can create the perfect experience for your customers. Benefit from total outlet support when working with HEINEKEN UK – we provide everything from T-bars and lit founts to glassware and POS – helping you drive sales by making sure every brand you offer looks and tastes great. Our wide range of leading sponsorships and events, including the UEFA EURO 2020, UEFA Champions League and Halloween CarnEvil – allows you to select the right support for your business to encourage more customer visits throughout the year.

Having spent months at home, consumers will be looking forward to a perfectly poured, quality pint from their local. However, staff training can be costly and time-consuming, especially in an industry with typically high staff turnover. By following the advice of HEINEKEN’s dedicated Quality experts, you could tap into an extra ​£25,000 profit (per pub, per year)[13]​. Access this knowledge easily through the Hello BEER​ staff training app – featuring courses from perfect pour to cellar management. Well-trained staff are typically happier and more loyal, so HEINEKEN can help your bar staff deliver a great customer experience while also saving you money.

We are committed to growing your business through the right brands, the right tools and the right offers in the right venues. Make the switch now​ and let’s grow your business together.

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