Pubwatch: warning

Pubwatch warning on public bodies

By Michelle Perrett

National Pubwatch has issued another warning against getting public bodies involved with decisions to ban offenders, after schemes in North Wales teamed up with hospitals.

Coulson: change of use can take a long time

Change of use for retirement

By Peter Coulson

To retire and use your pub as a home and not a business, you need to arrange change of use from commercial to residential, says Peter Coulson.

Mephedrone: linked to three deaths

Mephedrone user escapes Pubwatch ban

By Lesley Foottit

A Hereford Pubwatch has decided against a blanket ban on Mephedrone users because the drug is still legal. Paul Neades, of the Litten Tree in...

Smoke ban: 175m fewer pints drunk

Smoke ban: 175m fewer pints drunk

By John Harrrington

On-trade alcohol volumes fell 8% in the nine months to March 2008 as the smoking ban battered pubs. Around 175m fewer pints were drunk overall as a...