Netflix effect: research showed millennials choose to stay in rather than go to the pub


More millennials choosing not to go out

By Helen Gilbert

Millennials are increasingly choosing to stay indoors and watch TV rather than head to the pub at the weekend, according to a new survey. 

Tom Kerridge is set to host a new cookery series and launch a new book

New book and TV show for Tom Kerridge

By Ellie Bothwell

Double-Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge, who runs the award-winning Hand & Flowers in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, is set to host a new television series and launch a new book.

Business boosting: Money-making ideas are essential in 2012, says Gerry Price

Be in it to win it in 2012 by working smarter

By Gerry Price

Tim Martin has been on BBC Radio Four, with his droll manner and demands for VAT and duty reductions. Ralph Findlay’s Personal View was published in The Telegraph’s business pages, saying that the pubcos have done ever such a lot and can now make codes...

Mark Daniels: Championing freedom of speech

Jeremy Clarkson in “Figure of Speech” whoopsie…

By Mark Daniels

The following article contains a personal opinion. Please don’t shoot me for it. Last week, some people went on strike to protect their pensions and a television personality well-known for his comically outspoken points of view said something about it.

Advocate: brewer Dave Bailey believes the BBC is “being reckless with the nation’s health” by ignoring beer

Battling Aunty's anti-beer bias

By Roger Protz

HardKnott Brewery's Dave Bailey is fed up with the BBC ignoring beer in favour of wine, writes beer expert Roger Protz.