ALMR: Merger with BEDA will give 'greater strength in depth'

ALMR and BEDA to merge

By John Harrington

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) and the Bar Entertainment & Dance Association (BEDA) have announced plans to merge, creating one trade body representing more than 140 retailers operating more than 11,000 outlets.

Collins: vice chairman of BEDA

NOCTIS goes back to BEDA

NOCTIS, the late-night trade association, is to change its name back to Bar Entertainment & Dance Association (BEDA).



Paul Smith considers the way forward for the Bar Entertainment and Dance Association From time to time, a trade association should take a long look...

Jon Collins

Jon Collins

chief executive, Bar Entertainment & Dance Association (21) BEDA's membership remains steady, at around 1,400 members, as the organisation...