Cultural change: 'pubs and restaurants have made headlines consistently over the past nine months, but the incredibly serious, potentially existential crisis, facing night clubs doesn’t seem to be penetrating the zeitgeist in the same way'


Night clubs 'unfortunate, unnoticed casualties' of coronavirus

By Stuart Stone

While the existential crisis facing night clubs hasn’t occupied as many column inches as the plight of pubs, a number of sector stakeholders believe that lights out for late nights out would change not just the complexion of the hospitality sector, but...

Tighter purse strings: while the average consumer spends more than £70 per night out, revellers a strict in ensuring they stick to a budget according to Deltic's Night Index

90% of clubbers on a budget

By Stuart Stone

Only one-in-ten Brits head out on the tiles without money on their mind according to late night bar and club operator Deltic’s latest Night Index,

David Beckham has launched the first Haig Club London at the Wellington Arch


Beckham kicks off Haig Club London residency

By James Evison

David Beckham welcomed guests last night (1 March) to the first evening of the Haig Club residency in London - part of Diageo's plans to promote the single grain whisky brand.

Good Friday restrictions QWhat is the position regarding Good Friday under our new licence? We applied for conversion and variation and just put down...

Definition of 'guest' scrutinised

Definition of 'guest' scrutinised

By Peter Coulson

In the good old days, a guest was a guest. You entertained him (usually a 'him') in your plush club, the account was rendered to you later, discreetly, and he never reached into his pocket for anything.