Flippin' amazing: Pubs celebrate Shrove Tuesday (Getty/ hsyncoban)

Pubs make the most of Pancake Day

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Pubs across the country are celebrating Shrove Tuesday today (Tuesday 1 March) through special pancake-orientated menus, fundraising events and build-your-own sessions.

Keeping it simple is key to good desserts

Keeping it simple is key to good desserts

By Nikkie Sutton

Whether you’re a baking whizz or a beginner, desserts in pubs are an important course for punters and shouldn’t be forgotten. On all accounts, though, keeping it simple is the best way forward. Nikkie Sutton reports.

What's new in pub desserts?

Dessert Report

Nine things you need to know about desserts in pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Consumers are pickier than ever, especially when it comes to foods that are perceived to be bad for health and the waistline. Here are nine things you need to know to put a succesful dessert offer on in your pub.

Sundaes, like these using Almondy, are still a winner on pub menus


Sweet success - ideas for dessert menus

By Sheila McWattie

Sheila McWattie looks at ways pub operators are making their dessert offers, from ice cream to American imports, stand out from the crowd

Pud vibrations

Pud vibrations

Forget fiddly afters on the menu - Richard Fox looks at easy ways to whip up tasty desserts Ihave to say that this column is as much a "note to...



Ice cream Serving idea: l Maple and walnut ice cream in a brandy snapbasket ­ the Walpole Arms, Itteringham, Norfolk Why it's a winner: Brent...

Maggie Lover, Crawley

Food File - Tools of the trade

The Jolly Frog in Leintwardine, Shropshire, has been reaping the rewards of a Frigomat G5 icecream machine from supplier RSS Hereford. Its selection...