Food Hygiene

Food hygiene: pubs have been slapped with fines for failings in their hygiene

Pub food hygiene troubles so far this year

By Nikkie Sutton

Food hygiene can cost pubs thousands if errors are made. The Morning Advertiser takes a look at issues operators have had with hygiene so far this year.

Food hygiene is more important to consumers than good service

Food safety

Diners prefer rude staff to dirty premises, research shows

By Nicholas Robinson

Diners would sooner put up with rude staff than a dirty or unclean venue, according to new research that revealed 61% of UK consumers wouldn’t risk eating in an establishment that had a low Food Standards Agency hygiene rating.

JDW founder Tim Martin:


Wetherspoon leads the way on food hygiene ratings

By James Evison

The Food Standards Agency is celebrating the success of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - launched five years ago - by releasing information that breaks down its food hygiene ratings.