Future picture: Cocktail Credentials ambassador Ben Reed outlined how to keep ahead of the curve with cocktails

Future Trends: Spirits

Separating cocktail fads from the future

By Nikkie Sutton

Cocktail trends can be tricky to predict, but having a process in place to help find the future patterns can pay dividends for operators.

Forecasting the right number of staff to be working, at the right time, can be difficult

Labour management and the importance of forecasting for pubs

By Alastair Scott

Labour management is perhaps one of the less exciting topics in the licensed retail industry, but is vitally importantfor all publicans. In the first of a series of articles, Alastair Scott, owner of Malvern Inns and founder of S4Labour, a labour management...


Publicans should be wary of industry forecasts, good or bad

By Rob Willock

As one wag once said: “Forecasting is very difficult, especially if it is about the future.” Indeed, if yesterday was a dependable indicator of tomorrow, stocks and shares would be an entirely safe and predictable haven.

Barbeque summer looks likely

UK gearing up for a barbecue summer

By Gemma McKenna

The UK should get ready for a barbecue summer, according to the long range weather forecast from Positive Weather Solutions (PWS).

Discovery brands like Peroni have fared well

Beer market faces 'gloomy' winter

By Gemma McKenna

A drinks analyst has made gloomy predictions for the coming months — with Christmas set to be "at best flat" and the first part of 2010 "extremely...