Late Night Levy

Late night levy: how should authorities look to support the sector regarding the LNL? (Credit: Getty/SolStock)

Late-night levy: how can local authorities support sector?

By Rebecca Weller

Since being introduced in 2011, the late-night levy (LNL) has proved controversial and has been seen by many across the sector as “unfair”. But following the changes implemented in July this year, how should authorities look to support the sector regarding...

Unfair: trade bodies call for Late-Night Levy to be scrapped (Credit: Getty/Predrag Vuckovic)

Late-night levy changes 'damaging blow'

By Rebecca Weller

Changes to the late-night levy (LNL) are a “damaging blow” but a “step in the right direction”, according to trade bodies across the sector.

Bleeding money: 'the Home Office must recognise that the levy no longer applies when much of the sector is still closed and those that are open cannot do so after 10pm in England, or at all in Wales currently,' a spokesperson said

Trade bodies demand late-night levy freeze

By Stuart Stone

UKHospitality (UKH), the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) have written to the Government demanding a reprieve for venues still required to pay the late-night levy.

Dead money: Philip Kolvin QC and Clare Eames suggest possible solutions to the late-night levy issue

Late-night levy in lockdown

By Philip Kolvin QC and Clare Eames

Cornerstone Barristers’ Philip Kolvin QC and Clare Eames, a partner at licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen, give their take on late-night levy charges, which are payments for nothing during the coronavirus lockdown.

Licensees hit out against Camden LNL

Licensees hit out against Camden LNL

By Emily Sutherland

Two Camden-based licensees have hit out against proposals to introduce a late night levy in the borough, arguing the levy will burden businesses in the area.

Liverpool to consult on late night levy


Liverpool to consult on late night levy

By MC Allegra FS, James Wallin

Liverpool City Council has announced it will seek to consult on a late night levy, more than a year after first suggesting the scheme.

JDW wins late night levy appeal


JDW wins late night levy appeal

By Ellie Bothwell

JD Wetherspoon has won an appeal against Newcastle City Council’s refusal to allow the company to vary three of its pubs’ hours to avoid paying a late-night levy.

Newcastle 'could face legal challenge' over JDW hours refusal

Newcastle 'could face legal challenge' over JDW hours refusal

By Ellie Bothwell

The decision by Newcastle City Council to refuse JD Wetherspoon’s application to reduce its hours to dodge the city’s late night levy is likely to be overturned if there is a legal challenge, industry lawyers have claimed.

City of London late-night levy

Industry criticises City of London's late-night levy proposal

By Ellie Bothwell

Industry figures have spoken out against the City of London Corporation’s proposal for a late night levy, demanding further research must be undertaken and warning that a fee may undermine existing licensing policy.

Supermarkets: may escape again

Fears over below cost ban exclusion

By Ewan Turney

There are growing fears that the promised ban on below cost sales of alcohol in supermarkets will not feature in today's Police Reform and Social...

Home Office: criticised over consultation length

Trade pleas for more time on licensing

By Ewan Turney

A senior trade figure has made a final plea to the Government to extend the consultation period for its proposed licensing overhaul.

Home Office: wants changes to licensing

Trade fears over 'done deal' on licensing

By Ewan Turney

It was a good, open meeting where the trade got to put its points across but concerns remain about whether the licensing overhaul is already a done...

Robertson: health inclusion is problematic

BII: don't give health bodies a veto

By Ewan Turney

The introduction of health as a licensing objective could give unelected health bodies a veto over licensing — the BII has warned. The Home...

Changes could cost the industry dear

Licence hikes and levy could cost £15.5m

By John Harrington

The proposed late night levy could cost the industry up to £9m per year — while the higher licence fees would add a further £6.5m annually....