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Best shared: Understanding the sports fan is key for pubs

How ‘understanding the sports fan’ can boost pub sales

By Georgina Townshend

What sports fans want from their pub experience is to be offered a mixture of sport, atmosphere, and something different to what they get at home, according to MatchPint’s co-founder Dominic Collingwood.

Hosts cleared in satellite footie case

Hosts cleared in satellite footie case

By Adam Pescod

Three Staffordshire licensees have been cleared of dishonestly screening live Premier League football matches via foreign satellite systems after a judge dismissed their cases.

Foreign satellite football: saga rolls on

Novasports will pull plug on UK pub TV

By John Harrington

The Greek broadcaster behind Novasports has warned it will pull the plug on screenings of Premier League football via its systems in UK pubs....

Licensees using foreign satellite score 12-7 victory

Satellite TV hosts win court victory

By Gemma McKenna

Licensees using foreign satellite systems to screen football have recorded a 12-7 victory in the courts. But the man leading the prosecutions warned...

Footfall fever

Footfall fever

The start of the premiership season is just a few short weeks away, so its time to prepare for those match days to lift your takings into the next...