Moleface: started selling its home-made products a year ago

Side kicks: pub condiments

By Lesley Foottit

Lesley Foottit looks at how sauces and oils can help drive a price premium for dishes.

The Stag: uses commnity help

The Stag: community service

By Sheila McWattie

Rick Bowman, co-licensee at the Stag in Ongar, Essex, tells Sheila McWattie how he enlisted the help of local people to transform the pub. How we...

Beware of scrimping on sauces

Pub condiments: bit on the side

By Claire Elliott

Condiments can leave more of an impression on customers than you might think. Claire Elliott explores different ways to make the right impact. In...

Business boosters

Business boosters

Ideas for driving food sales at your pub School dinners evening Where: Inn @ West End, West End, Surrey The idea: Customers...

Striking service

Striking service

Richard Fox looks to Spain for service tips The football season is well and truly underway, and if the first few weeks are anything to go by, it...

Saucy ideas

Saucy ideas

products on trial Heinz Foodservice is encouraging licensees to improve table presentation and consumer perception of their pubs in a new Heinz...

Earthly delights

Earthly delights

Cotswolds-based Five Mile House, in Duntisbourne Abbots, has a second-to-none reputation for its food. Humayun Hussain talks to co-owner Jo Carrier...

Letting off steam

Letting off steam

Pioneer of modern British cooking Stephen Bull is ex-proprietor of Herefordshire's Lough Pool Inn and helps run Cambridgeshire's Hole in the Wall....

Tom & Ed Martin

Dressed to Empress

By Humayun Hussain

Humayun Hussain talks to Tom Martin about his new all-day dining pub - The Empress of India - in London's up-and-coming East End

PubChef Awards - Team

PubChef Awards - Team

By Jo Bruce

The new team category challenged pub chefs to prove how effective they were in working together to produce a three-course menu. Jo Bruce reports Our...

Quick Bite

Food file - Quick Bite

THE CHEESE CELLAR COMPANY has added Pierre Robert, a luxurious triple crème cheese from Ile-de-France, to its range.

Down your local

Food File - Down your local

PubChef's regular focus on local produce Tracklements, Sherston, Wiltshire. WHO ARE THEY? Tracklements is a Wiltshire-based company producing fine...