Sparkling Wine

On the up: sparkling wine sales do not just boom on Valentine's Day

Sparkling wine sales set to soar

By Nikkie Sutton

Sales of fizz are expected to continue to rise after a record-breaking year, according to figures from the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

In demand: more than 26m bottles of sparkling wine and Champagne were sold in the on-trade in 2017

Brexit threat to sparkling wine sales boom

By James Beeson

The UK’s sparkling wine sector has seen sales almost double in the last five years, according to the latest statistics from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

Too high: tax on the UK wine sector is worrying producers

English wine threatened by increased duty

By Nicholas Robinson

English sparkling wine producers may be put under unnecessary pressure if Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond implements proposals to raise tax on the sector.

Appetite for fizz: on-trade bubbly sales have risen

Prosecco sales up 9% on last year

By Helen Gilbert

The UK’s appetite for sparkling wine shows no sign of abating with sales up 9% in a year and some bars and pubs now stocking Prosecco on tap, research has revealed.

Cheers: Stonegate launches Gancia Leggero Prosecco

Stonegate launches low-calorie Prosecco

By Georgina Townshend

As the demand for diet and low-calorie drinks continues to rise, Stonegate has released a light Prosecco across its traditional pubs and Slug & Lettuce venues, and claims it is as close to “clean drinking” as you can get.

We're forever blowing bubbles: Champagne's purpose in the pub

Champagne and sparkling wine

Is Champagne too fancy for pubs?

By Nicholas Robinson

When it comes to a celebration the no-brainer go-to for us Brits has long been a bottle of Champagne. Now it seems we don’t even need an excuse to turn to the bubbly. So if you don’t want to miss out on the action, it may be time to add some extra fizz...

Wine predictions for 2016

Wine predictions for 2016

By Ben Winstanley

As wine continues to rise in popularity both in the on-trade and home markets, what does 2016 have in store? Crown Cellars wine vendors share their predictions for the year ahead.

Licensees guide to party drinks at Christmas


A guide to party drinks at Christmas

By Nigel Huddleston

Christmas, New Year and the run-up to the holiday break is the busiest time of year for most UK pubs. But it is no good just waiting for the punters to pour through the doors. Now’s the time to plan ahead and make sure your drinks offer is what customers...

Serving fizz by the glass is an opportunity that shouldn't be overlooked

Business boosters

Reasons why YOU should sell fizz

By Jessica Mason

If you think you take advantage of drinks trends but you’re still not selling bubbly by the glass, it’s a bit like saying you’re really interested in music but you don’t see the point in going to a gig.

Prosecco shortage sparks industry fears

Prosecco shortage sparks industry fears

By Laurie Macdonald

Rumours of a possible summer prosecco shortage have sparked frenzied speculation in the industry and national media over whether the world will face a shortage of the Italian tipple, and for the trade, if will prices increase.

Prosecco sales overtake Champagne

Fizz is no longer for the few

By Robyn Black

As reported in the Independent last week, global sales of Prosecco have (just about) overtaken Champagne.

Generation Jones listened to the Pretenders

Keeping up with the festive Joneses

By Jessica Mason

They grew up on programmes such as Tiswas and Blue Peter, witnessed moon landings and the Falklands War. For escapism they listened to the Pretenders, Blondie, Pink Floyd, The Police and The Sex Pistols, while the threat of increasing unemployment made...

Frizzenti Prosecco

Frizzenti’s Prosecco-focused push

By Robyn Black

Frizzenti, the sparkling wine that is dispensed on tap, is ramping up activity in the UK in a bid to capitalise on the growth in Prosecco.

Charm offensive

Charm offensive

Having sent the bosoms of the nation's barmaids into palpitations following publication of some injudicious remarks about uncovered flesh in his last...

Cava hits the spot

Cava hits the spot

Now is the time of year when wine writers' thoughts traditionally turn in the direction of bottles of bubbly, and I am no exception. But whereas just...

Bubbling over

Bubbling over

Sparkling wine has always been linked with France, however, bubbly from other countries is just beginning to take off. By Ben McFarland.UK sales of...

Lovely bubbly

Lovely bubbly

Left with a glut of post-millennium champagne, producers are taking their product to a new audienceLest we forget, the season to be jolly is fast...