Stranger things: sneaky thieves have helped themselves to an array of odd items

Strangest things stolen from pubs

By Alice Leader

An ambitious punter may think it’s a great idea to steal a souvenir as a stamp of a joyous night, but the word ‘souvenir’ may be up for debate here.

Repeat offender: thief targeted five pubs across the north-east

Fruit machine raider could face jail

By Stuart Stone

A thief who stole thousands of pounds from five bars and social clubs across Northumberland and Tyneside, pleaded guilty to four counts of burglary and was found guilty of a fifth after a trial.

Thefts: don't take your eyes off your designer clothing.

Pubs are top for fashion theft

By Michelle Perrett

Pubs are a breeding ground for designer clothing to be stolen, with almost a third (31%) of people claiming they have had items stolen while in the boozer.

Steps to take: having more than one person dealing with finances makes theft more difficult

How to stop pub staff from stealing

By Georgina Townshend

No one likes to think it could happen but publicans are vulnerable to having cash and stock stolen from right under their noses by employees. Here, a top legal expert offers advice on how to stop it.

Advice: Beware of theft from fruit machines


Advice: Beware of theft from fruit machines

By Poppleston Allen

You may have seen in the press, recently, news of a number of thefts from gaming machines in pubs across the south-west and, although these crimes are uncommon, they do happen.

Moving on: Pete Brown will continue to support pubs despite theft

Smooth criminals: my love affair with pub's founders after laptop theft

By Pete Brown

I’ve written a great deal over the past eight years about how much I love pubs, about how I see the pub as the crucible of everything that’s good about humanity: the warmth, good cheer and democracy, the benign anarchy, the hint of surrealism, the tradition,...

M&B wins licence conditions case

M&B wins licence conditions case

By Michelle Perrett

Mitchells & Butlers (M&B) has won a ground-breaking appeal against a premises licence condition that would have forced it to fit ‘privacy shields’ to hand-held PDQ machines at the Goat in Clapham, London.

Coulson: tread carefully in complex cases

Clawing back your losses

By Peter Coulson

Some licensees may not be aware of is the controversy surrounding the whole question of civil recovery, says Peter Coulson.

Pub Thugs: could be made to pay for damage

Pubs could pursue claims against yobs

By John Harrington

Licensees are being offered a way to claim money from troublemakers who damage their property or attack their staff, under a scheme being led by...

Illsley: faces court over expenses

FLVA will stand by MP Eric Illsley

By John Harrington

The FLVA president says he will stand by the group's Parliamentary adviser Eric Illsley MP, who faces court over expenses allegations.

In demand: kegs provide easy pickings for scrap metal thieves

Police crackdown on beer keg thefts

By John Harrington

The Government has announced a crackdown on rogue scrap-metal dealers to target the epidemic of beer keg thefts. A new National Metal Theft Crime...

Licensees praised for helping cut crime

Licensees praised for helping cut crime

Police in Manchester have hailed an operation to reduce the number of thefts in city centre pubs, bars and clubs. Police say crime was cut by 28 per...