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What's in the news 5 January?

Review of the Week

'We need to go to war on VAT'

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington met up with Oakman Group's Peter Borg-Neal to get his take on the week's news, from a knighthood for Sir Tim through to closures and Christmas trade.

Great British Pub Awards and Wetherspoons results show diversity is key

Diversity is key for the Great British pub

By Ed Bedington

The recent Great British Pub Awards was a triumphant celebration of the diversity and richness of the UK’s pub offer, with businesses of all stripes recognised for excellence across the board.

Fair opportunity: Tim Martin is calling for tax equality

JDW to slash prices for Tax Equality Day

By Michelle Perrett

Pub operator JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is to cut the price of all food and drink in its pubs by 7.5% on Thursday, 23 September – to highlight the benefit of a permanent VAT reduction in the hospitality industry.

Looking ahead: JD Wetherspoon also revealed it expects pubs to remain closed until at least the end of March

378 roles made redundant at JDW

By Nikkie Thatcher

More than 300 staff have been made redundant across JD Wetherspoon (JDW)’s airport sites and head office, as the operator revealed it expects pubs to remain closed until at least the end of March.

Results revealed: JDW chairman Tim Martin spoke to The Morning Advertiser at the group's Hamilton Hall site in London's Liverpool Street station

JDW ‘not considering further redundancies’

By Nikkie Thatcher

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) boss Tim Martin has told The Morning Advertiser the business is currently not considering making more redundancies, but wouldn't rule out more cuts if trade continues to drop.

Critic: JDW boss Tim Martin criticises Government's approach to coronavirus

1% of JDW staff tested positive for coronavirus

By Nicholas Robinson

Just 1% of JD Wetherspoon’s 43,000 employees have tested positive for coronavirus since pubs reopened, boss Tim Martin said in the company’s delayed financial results today.

Transaction data: 'JDW sales were 22.5% below the equivalent Saturday last year. It is clearly not the case pubs are ‘dangerous places to be’,' the pub group boss Tim Martin said

JDW sales slump on Saturday before ‘rule of six’ enforced

By Nikkie Thatcher

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) saw year-on-year sales drop by more than a fifth (22.5%) on Saturday 12 September amid national reports of pubs and bars being flooded with customers ahead of the Government’s ‘rule of six’ coming into force today (Monday 14 September).

Technology available: customers can scan in upon entry at JD Wetherspoon pubs

JDW sees 5.7m track and trace check ins

By Nikkie Thatcher

Pub behemoth JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has received 5,742,125 check ins of track and trace across its UK and Republic of Ireland estate in one month.

Tax equality: JDW boss Tim Martin said the VAT reduction announced by the Government as a

JDW U-turns on price rise

By Nikkie Thatcher

Pub giant JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has announced it will be reducing food and drink prices across its pub estate a week after it revealed that they were set to increase.

Political posturing: JDW says ‘let’s stay friends’ as it cuts prices of drinks that come from European countries

JDW to continue sales of EU brands

By Alice Leader

JD Wetherspoon’s EU alcohol brand discounts in the run-up to Brexit do not signal an intention to ditch continental names, despite pubco boss Tim Martin’s keenness to stock more homegrown products.

On the dotted line: rent reviews can make the difference between making money or closing down

Wetherspoon ‘not as clever’ as it thought on rents

By The MA

Wetherspoon has pursued a strategy of agreeing “virtually no open-market rent reviews” in past 16 to 17 years to avoid rent hikes brought about by the rise of casual dining, according to the pub company's founder Tim Martin.

Rob Willock:

No winners in the blame game

By Rob Willock

It’s fair to say I was a little surprised this morning to be blamed personally for Wetherspoons’ poor half-year margin and New Year sales performance.

JD Wetherspoon pub rent

Tim Martin: 'Pubs are still over-rented'

By John Harrington

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) chairman Tim Martin has told the Publican's Morning Advertiser's sister title M&C Report that a lot of pubs are still “greatly over-rented” as a legacy of the last financial boom.

Breakfast hours have been cut back

Exclusive: JDW scales back breakfast hours

By The PMA Team

Managed operator JD Wetherspoon has moved to open later for breakfast at around 70% of its sites. The company began opening for breakfast at 7am...

Tm Martin: trade must unite

Tim Martin: 'Unite against tax burden'

By Martyn Leek and The PMA Team

JD Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin has called on the sector to unite against the tax and regulatory burden onslaught it faces.

Video: Tim Martin on his first pub

Video: Tim Martin on his first pub

By Ewan Turney

JD Wetherspoon founder tells MATV about being locked out, having the windows put in and where the name Wetherspoon came from.

Martin: Wetherspoon turnover passes 1bn

Martin: the billion-pound bar man

By The PMA Team

The PMA Team takes a looks at JD Wetherspoon's past and future as founder Tim Martin starts to ramp up openings again. As milestones go, it's...

Martin: harsh words

Martin slams 'artificial' pub rents

By John Harrington

JD Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin has called for action to make the pub property market more transparent and counter the "huge" potential for...

ID checks: now common place

26-year-old irate over Wetherspoon ID checks

By John Harrington

A 26 year-old woman has written to her MP complaining of being thrown out of a Wetherspoons pub because one person in her group had no ID. MP Lynne...