Valentine's Day: Use it to 'add value' not just increase prices

Making the most of Valentine's Day

By Phil Mellows

Valentine's Day could be your biggest weekend since Christmas. The Publican's Morning Advertiser explains how to set the mood.

Valentines day can make your customers spend more to impress

GP Generator: Valentine's Day

By Phil Mellows

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for savvy operators to go over the top for customers who are willing to spend extra in the name of romance. The Publican's Morning Advertiser turns the lights down low and brings out the candles

Pete Brown:

The Alma eviction: A community’s heart is broken

By Pete Brown

The final weekend at the Alma on Newington Green was fairly typical. As a wet November Sunday gave in to an early dusk, the main bar filled. The large family birthday party, complete with surprisingly well-behaved toddlers, was getting ready to move on,...

Valentine's Day: deals on offer

Pubs go for value on Valentine's Day

By Jo Bruce

Pub operators are offering a range of value-driven promotions to attract customers this Valentine's weekend. Many operators are offering deals from...