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Display techniques can improve bagged snacks sales.Crisps and snacks purchases in the on-trade aren't planned, so impulse buys are usually prompted...

Display techniques can improve bagged snacks sales.

Crisps and snacks purchases in the on-trade aren't planned, so impulse buys are usually prompted by a full and clear display that the consumer can glance at while at the bar.

It doesn't matter if you have a huge expanse of bar space or limited room, a few simple display techniques are all that stand between you and better bagged snacks sales.

When siting your snacks display, consider the bar "hotspots". Anywhere above the bar or the back-bar near the till is directly in the line of vision for your customers. Snack displays by menus, telephones, taxi numbers or other areas of interest can also improve sales.

Don't keep your range of crisps and snacks underneath the bar. Not only will the quality of the product suffer but what a "peckish" consumer can't see, he or she probably won't buy.

One of the most popular options for displaying crisps and snacks is a hanging display card or clip strip. Both are an effective mechanic where bar space is at a premium.

You might even consider re-arranging your bar to include specific snack merchandising next to a complementary drink display. Why not display children's products like Wotsits by the soft drinks and premium lines such as Quite Hot Crisps by the bottled beers?

Releasing more space on the back-bar for displays like this will generate more profit than using it for storing glasses. Consumers are more than happy to see the glass for the first time when it's full, so empty glasses don't have to take pride of place on the back-bar!

Remember, a consumer won't buy a meal instead of a snack as meals are normally planned purchases. So positioning snacks as part of the overall round won't hurt your profits - in fact, just the opposite!

Golden Wonder research suggests that displaying your snack range above the bar can increase your volumes by at least 66 per cent.

Even allocating some of the bar space (no bigger than that of a till) to a display stand can help generate extra turnover.

Gary White, Golden Wonder's licensed trade manager, said: "Golden Wonder is committed to growing the crisps and snacks offering in pubs and clubs.

"Because not all outlets are the same, different approaches need to be taken depending on bar space, location and consumer type. Snack manufacturers should be able to offer tips and merchandising advice to suit your needs."

Correct merchandising for events and occasions is also important. With the World Cup just days away, consider "Becks and Goalden Balls" as a special offer!

Football fans, the length and breadth of the country are going to be caught up in football fever, providing licensees with the perfect audience for football-theme offers.

Or, if you can afford to give samples away to your customers they will be encouraged to buy some more for later in the game.


  • Maximise sales and profits by merchandising your crisps and snacks range
  • Visibility gives your snacks credibility
  • Ensure your range matches both your outlet type and your consumer type
  • If you have more than one bar in your outlet you may well need more than one type of snacks display
  • Make an impact! Display your whole range together
  • Above all, let your customers see what they are buying. Big or small, a snacks display could make all the difference!

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For more information on how Golden Wonder can help to increase your bagged snacks sales, call Gary White and his licensed trade team on 01858 414319

Contact​Snack Services (Tel: 01858 414319) for merchandising tips or point of sale material.

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