London 2012 Olympics: Day 6 of pub landlady Janet Dooner's diary

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London 2012 Olympics: Day 6 of pub landlady Janet Dooner's diary
Janet Dooner, licensee of the Railway Tavern in Stratford, a stone’s throw from the Olympic Park, continues her exclusive Olympic diary. Follow her diary by signing up to our daily news alert .

We were pleasantly busy over the weekend and up on our usual trade. It was very busy on Saturday lunchtime and throughout the afternoon but the evening was a lot quieter. Sunday was nice and steady again.

Friday was quieter than normal but I still didn’t leave until 3am. It was our ‘regulars night’ so I had the karaoke going but I think people are still on holiday because the kids are off. The road closures could have had an impact too.

A party of Japanese had booked a function at the pub for yesterday but they rang up in the afternoon and had to cancel, which is fine. I don’t know why they cancelled to be honest - perhaps one of their atheletes didn’t win the medal they were hoping for.

Each day we are busier than we normally are - I knew we were going to get some additional trade but it is still not the tourists.

Even with Westfield being closed on Friday and Saturday because of the athletics, that could have made a difference with people looking for somewhere to go before going to the stadium, but it didn’t happen.

I know when they (tourists) come into Stratford station they get herded straight through Westfield so when people ask us how to find the pub we tell them not to go into Westfield when they come out of the station because otherwise they will miss us.

I am not the only one having problems getting people in - it is the same for the rest of Old Stratford town. People are just getting herded in and out of the Olympic Park and I don’t think it is giving other businesses a chance. It is a shame really.

Overall, I can’t deny that the Olympics has definitely helped. We have got a 50-person function for a solicitors firm this afternoon. They are going to the stadium this morning and were looking for somewhere to go afterwards. Somebody told them about us so that was nice.

It seems as though trade is going to be pretty much constant for the rest of the week.

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