Carlsberg to cut Tuborg to 4% ABV

By Noli Dinkovski

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15 million pints of Tuborg are sold in the UK every year
15 million pints of Tuborg are sold in the UK every year
Carlsberg UK is to reduce the ABV of Tuborg to 4% in an attempt to make the Danish lager more “accessible” to drinkers.

The reduction, from an ABV of 4.6%, was initiated before last month’s 1p Budget duty cut and will have no effect on the taste of the lager, the brewer claimed.

The move is to receive significant marketing support, Carlsberg added.

“Through our own and independent research, it’s become clear that our customers want a premium world beer at an accessible 4% ABV,” said a spokesman.

“As such, Tuborg’s ABV is being reduced to 4% in the coming months.

“Our master brewers will ensure that neither the taste nor enjoyment will be compromised, and consumers will not notice a difference.”

The cut follows ABV reductions in a number of leading lager brands last year. Draught Stella Artois, Beck’s, Carlsberg Export and bottled Budweiser and Cobra all switched from 5% to 4.8% ABV — a wholesale strategy seen by many industry observers as a way to offset escalating duty costs.

“Tuborg continues to perform well and has a large number of loyal drinkers.

“It has just broken the 15 million pints a year milestone, growing by 8% last year,” the Carlsberg UK spokesman added.

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Posted by Aidan mc donald (ireland),

30 years drinking Carlsberg. Now on Tuborg . Love both. Hate heineken. Happy new year x

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