Pint glass puts women off beer

By Laurie Macdonald

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Jane Peyton is challenging the pint's monopoly on beer glassware
Jane Peyton is challenging the pint's monopoly on beer glassware

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A survey released by Friends of Glass shows that the pint glass may contribute to why many women do not drink beer.

The survey shows 47% of women think a woman drinking from a pint glass can be seen as unfeminine and 43% would choose to drink beer from a continental lager glass when given a list of glassware options.

When questioned further, 39% of the 1,000 women who took part in the survey, said using an ‘elegant’ glass for beer would help change the image of beer as a man’s drink, and a quarter said using an elegant glass would make drinking beer more pleasurable.

84% of the women surveyed said they thought beer would taste best when it had come from a glass container.

Jane Peyton, Britain’s first beer sommelier of the year (2014-2015) and instigator and organiser of Beer Day Britain said: “Women and beer is a fascinating area as there are so many anomalies when you talk to women.

"They think they don’t like bitter flavours yet many of us love to eat rocket and drink coffee.  However, one resounding fact that comes out when you talk to women is that glassware normally used to serve beer in pubs in Britain can be off putting.  This survey confirms my suspicions that it’s not about taste for many women but about presentation of this wonderful gift from nature.”

39% of women surveyed who drink alcohol said they had tasted craft beers and 66% of these women felt they are offered an interesting range of flavours. Nearly one quarter of women who have tried craft beer said they thought craft beers are more fashionable and one fifth thought they were modern.

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