All news articles for August 18, 2017

Sharp increase: the number of eggs contaminated with Fipronil rose by 3,233%

Fipronil egg scandal hits pubs

By Nikkie Sutton

Food suppliers to the pub trade have been implicated in the Fipronil egg scandal after it was discovered stock held by several businesses had been made using contaminated eggs. 

Calorie laden: pub food not healthy enough say critics

Critics shame pub food as unhealthy

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs have been criticised for supplying unhealthy food to children that falls “far behind” the standards of the retail sector.

Hells: The 4.6% ABV beer is made with handpicked strawberries

Camden Town Brewery launches seasonal summer lager

By James Beeson

Strawberry Hells Forever, Camden Town Brewery’s summer version of its Hells lager, will be available in Camden Brewery-supplied bars across London, and via Ocado and independent retailers.