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The changing face of Snacks in the On-Trade

By Tayto

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Snack happy: how to range your pub snack offer
Snack happy: how to range your pub snack offer

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The last few months have provided unprecedented challenges to the on-trade. The face of the industry is changing, as is consumer behaviour. On the first day since lifting lockdown restrictions in England, the number of people visiting bars, pubs and restaurants surged, however figures were still considerably lower than this time last year.

Footfall will continue to suffer for some time due to social distancing limiting the number of customers that pubs and restaurants can accommodate.


Also, despite the Chancellor’s efforts to encourage people to get out, many people will simply stay away due to being uneasy about visiting public places.

Anything that boosts dwell time in your pub and improves the customer experience, will lead to added sales and return visits ​ resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

Snacks are a fantastic way to generate incremental, high margin sales. Many customers have already chosen their drink before they place their order.

Savoury snacks, on the other hand, are bought on impulse and are the perfect partner for a drink, with 83% of hand cooked crisps and pork scratchings consumed with a drink.

When it comes to snacking, consumers are unwilling to compromise on quality and taste – especially when they are out.

Get this combination right and consumers are prepared to pay up to 30% more for premium crisps ​over standard products.

Based on typical pricing, pubs can readily make around 50p on a packet of hand cooked crisps and, being VAT free, pork scratchings can offer even more profit. Add this little additional earner to each drinks’ order and you have a formula for happy customers and great profits.

Tayto Group, the UK’s leading family-owned snacks business, have ‘Snacking Sorted’ for pubs and bars with an extensive range of premium crisps and the leading brands in pork snacking:

  • Exclusive to Foodservice, REAL Crisps ​are a premium, hand cooked crisp, made with British potatoes,
    with a range of 10 punchy flavours designed specially for pubs
  • The UK’s No.1 pork snacks brand Mr Porky​ with the best brand recall
  • Great Taste 2 star award-winning Midland Snacks ​hand cooked scratchings, are also Tayto’s best-selling pubcard, making them the ultimate pub snack

REAL crisps offer a great opportunity for premium snack sales with their strong flavours and distinctive pack design that really stands out behind the bar.

Also, because they are not sold in supermarkets, they can command a premium price in licensed venues.


Pork scratchings are synonymous with the pub and really are the ultimate pub snack.

Pork snacks have seen a resurgence and are growing almost three times faster than the market, so are a ‘must-stock’ snack for every licensed venue especially as more than one in seven people will not switch to a different snack if pork snacks aren’t stocked.

Tayto, the UK’s leading supplier of pork snacks, have completed extensive research which highlighted that consumers view pork scratchings as the ‘uber-snack’ and have a real craving for the rich flavour and salty crunch that just isn’t delivered by other snacks.

Another interesting insight was that pork snacks are not just eaten by men ​ 44% are consumed by women.

Matt Smith, Marketing Director at Tayto Group agrees: “We know that snack sales increase by up to 80% when they are made more visible​. If customers can see your range, they are more likely to buy. So, stocking the right range and ensuring they are highly visible is crucial in capturing those profitable incremental impulse sales.

For the perfect on-trade line-up ​we’d recommend:

  • Midlands Snacks Scratchings Pub Card –​ you can’t go wrong with our best-selling pub card which has Great Taste 2 stars!
  • Mr Porky Scratchings Pub Card ​ back a winner from the No1 brand
  • REAL Crisps ​ our premium crisps are exclusive to Foodservice with flavours developed to complement drinks”

“The bar top, back bar and back wall are your shop window and pub cards, display trays and clipstrips all provide highly visible ways of showing off your snacks range.

"We have developed some fantastic POS including bar runners, beer mats and display solutions specifically to support on-trade sales.”

Help your REAL Handcooked products stand out even more by ordering your FREE POS from: www.realcrisps.com/trade 

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