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Supercharge your marketing strategy using guest insights

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Better marketing through customer insight
Better marketing through customer insight

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Digital communications are more important now more than ever to re-engage your guests and promote your brand. Here are our top tips on using data and insights in your marketing strategy.

In a post-lockdown world with the rule-book being completely re-written in terms of eating out, how are marketers adapting to this new landscape?

The Wireless Social solution, powered by Purple Wi-Fi, offers operators a range of features that can be implemented to help gather feedback, inform guests of new policies and attract them back into your venue, and much more.

Here are our top tips, that are super effective but very easy to implement for busy marketers:


Why not ask your guests for their opinion on your reopening practices and let them know their feedback is important and you’re taking it into consideration.

Using the Wi-Fi login journey, there is an opportunity to present your guests with a short question, where you may ask them to rate the hygiene practice for example that they’ve experienced within the venue they are visiting. Either with a 0-5 slider or an open text box for further feedback.

Guest feedback can then be analysed and actioned, and for multi-site operators, venues can be compared and ranked against each other.


The final page that the guest lands on once they are on the Wi-Fi is a valuable space, which is an excellent place to promote the things that are important to your brand.

We are seeing a lot of operators in recent months utilising that space to inform guests of their new Covid-19 hygiene practices and policies, and how they have changed the guest experience to keep them safe. Whether that be staff hand-washing policies or a new order-and-pay system.

A flawless guest experience from start to finish, in our opinion, ends with the guest landing on your order-and-pay site once they are logged in, enabling them to immediately browse the menu and place their order.


As budgets tighten and profit margins inevitably get tighter since the industry re-opening and footfall on the streets still recovering, the Hedgehog vouchering solution is a great way to increase spend and put more £ into your till.

The Hedgehog system enables drinks brands to directly target yours and their desired target audiences with sponsored promotional offers in real time to your guests.

The drinks brands have access to a campaign platform where they set up their target audience from over 25M+ registered users from the Wireless Social network.

Whenever a guest that meets the chosen criteria enters one of your venues, they are automatically sent a voucher, featuring a message from the sponsor.

This means that operators get the reimbursed for the drink, the guest gets a free drink and the drinks brand gets their drink into the hands of a guest, who will hopefully continue to drink the same drink all night. This can also be used as a footfall driver by communicating the offer out to your databases.

Segmenting comms

Whichever email platform you use, we have the ability to feed in more detailed data points that may be useful to identify people that have not visited since you re-opened but were previously loyal customers.

These data fields would be “date of last visit” and “number of visits.” Once these data fields are pushed through to your CRM system, you can then use them as triggers to send a segmented email to guests based on, for example, if they have not visited you since pre-March.

Maybe a friendly email would be enough to encourage them to pop in and visit again, for example: “Just to let you know that we have re-opened our restaurant, and we would love you to visit. Here are the measures that we have put in place to ensure your safety...”

Facebook behaviours and demographics of your guests, pre-covid and post-covid

While doing some analysis of our data, it has been particularly interesting to compare the ‘interests’ and demographics of guests, and how that may or may not have changed since re-opening.

For example, on our ‘insights dashboard’ available to all customers, you can explore the age, gender, ‘Facebook likes’ of people that visited and logged into your Wi-Fi in January/February, and then compare it to the guests that have visited in July/August.

Has it switched from females aged 18-24 who like ‘Katy Perry’, to post-covid, possibly your guests are now mostly males 25-35 who like ‘Michael McIntyre.’

If so, this is really valuable insight into who to target with sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram, to maximise your ad spend and make sure the post is seen by the people who are most likely to be interested in visiting your venue.

If you would like to learn more about any features mentioned above, or enquire about the service, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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