10 tips on the Live Music Act

By Poppelston Allen

Never has the law relating to live and recorded music been so complex. Here is a brief guide to the main issues licensees often ask.

Research indicates pop songs encourage drinking

Are pop songs making us drink more?

By Robyn Black

It was with great bemusement I read of the bizzare interpretation of advertising regulations in France, where the courts have decided it is illegal to publish photos of people enjoying a tipple (so it’s a bloody good job the French look so miserable most...

The prize limit will increase from £70 to £100

Gaming machine maximum prize limits to rise

By Ellie Bothwell

The prize limit for ‘Category C’ or ‘fruit’ machines has increased to £100, and the stake limit has retained at £1, after the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) lobbied for the rise.

Licensees should adhere to the times they are licensed to play music

Top tips on running a music event

By Poppleston Allen

We all know that a noisy pub disco or karaoke is a sure-fire way of ending up before the licensing committee following a review by residents or the environmental health officer. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind if you are hosting a music event.

Sounds good: PRS chief executive Robert Ashcroft wants to make it easier for publicans to pay for music

PRS boss vows to simplify music royalty tariffs for pubs

By Gurjit Degun

Playing music in your pub can be a big revenue driver, but licensees need to be on the ball when it comes to the licence they require. Gurjit Degun speaks to Robert Ashcroft, chief executive of the music royalties collection agency PRS for Music, about...

Live Music Act: Q&As on pub karaoke

Live Music Act: Q&As on pub karaoke

This is the second article published with the Live Music Act (LMA) 2012 having been implemented today. Last week, we analysed the definition of live music-related conditions, the enforceability of conditions placed on a premises licence after a review,...


Consider boules as a way to boost business at your pub

By Jason Read

Namby pamby French boules? What use is that in my pub? Think again. Boules is a growing sport in this country and, for a small outlay, can significantly increase the number of customers visiting your pub during the summer — even in the rain.

The Big Interview: Karen Murphy

The Big Interview: Karen Murphy

"I don’t like football. It bores me to tears, sorry.” Coming from a landlady who successfully fought a six-year legal battle against the Premier League for the right to show cheap televised football in her pub, these words were somewhat unexpected.

'Plan ahead fpr Olympics' says Mike Berry

Doorstaff Games alarm

By Mike Berry

Earlier this month, a diktat was sent to Whitehall departments by Government spin doctors, effectively ordering them to produce three good news stories a day in the run up to this summer’s Olympic Games.

On track for the Games?

On track for the Games?

With the world set to descend on London for the 2012 Olympics, the Publican’s Morning Advertiser team ventured into Stratford, in the East End, to find out how publicans are preparing for a sporting spectacle in their own backyard.

Review: Pubs to be consulted on gaming machines

Pubs to be consulted on gaming machine review

By Adam Pescod

Pub and bar operators will get a chance to have their say on a government review of stake and prize limits for gaming machines during a public consultation next year.

Pubs wth live music restrictions on their licence will not benefit from new Government plans

Music bonanza warning

By Michelle Perrett

The Association for Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has stressed that pubs with live music restrictions on their licence will not benefit from the government’s plans for deregulation.

Barcrest: acquired by Scientific Games Corporation

Barcrest deal creates pub gaming "powerhouse"

By Michelle Perrett

Barcrest, the designer and maker of gambling games and games machines to the UK pub and amusement arcade market, has been acquired by Scientific Games Corporation, a US-based business with significant pub operations in the UK, in a deal thought to be...

Live music: de-regulation is on the cards

Live music de-regulation plan confirmed

By John Harrington, M&C Report

Pubs will not require specific permission to host live music or other forms of entertainment for crowds under 5,000 — under radical plans that could prove a major boost for the industry.

Winners: Brian Dourish. left, and Garry Hewitt of the Quakerhouse, Darlington CAMRA's Pub of the Year seven times.

Music-ale wares

By Tony Halstead

Garry Hewitt, co-owner of the Quakerhouse, Darlington, Co Durham, talks to Tony Halstead about making a successful pub business out of cask ale and...

Pub machines: June chart unveiled

Deal or No Deal is top pub machine game

By Adam Pescod

Deal or No Deal Live the Dream game was the most popular pub machine game in June, according to the Independent Operators Association (IOA). The...

Old favourite: reel-based products significantly outperform digital

The danger of digital gaming

By John Appleton

The advent of 'digital' AWP machines could decrease the profit from pub gaming machines, warns John Appleton, director of electronic leisure at...

Coulson: Live music needs to be encouraged as much as possible

Is live music off the hook?

By Peter Coulson

Publican's Morning Advertiser legal expert Peter Coulson believes things are definitely moving in the right direction in regard to live music.

AWP machines: be wary of underage stings

£5,000 fine for underage gaming

By Gurjit Degun

Licensees could face a £5,000 fine if they are caught allowing under-18s to use gaming machines in their pubs. The warning has been issued as an...

Budvar: jazz competition

Budvar calls for pub jazz musicians

By Lesley Foottit

Pub jazz musicians have until Thursday (31 March) to enter into the Budweiser Budvar's fourth Budvar Brewed Jazz competition.

Live music: announcement in due course

Penrose: live music plans out of my hands

By Ewan Turney

Licensing minister John Penrose has stressed there are "real risks" with associated with live music events and that any decision on deregulation will...

Reid: offer to shift parties to January

Pubs can keep deposits for snow hit parties

By Ewan Turney

Licensees are within their rights to keep deposits for Christmas parties cancelled by customers because of the weather. That piece of advice comes...

North East Unsigned: search is on

Head of Steam searches for music talent

By Natasha Devan

Multiple pub operator The Head of Steam is launching a 32-act contest with music development agency Generator to find musical talent in the north...

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