Gap in the market: Peroni Ambra to be served over ice with orange twist

Peroni wades in on aperitivo segment

By Nicholas Robinson

Asahi-owned Peroni is making a bigger push of its first aperitivo beer in the same week Gruppo Campari announced a massive growth in Aperol and Campari sales.

Bottlegreen unveils new flavours

Bottlegreen unveils new flavours

By Nikkie Sutton

SHS Drinks has announced two new flavours to its Bottlegreen sparkling pressé – Fruity Raspberry Lemonade and Refreshing Ginger Beer.

Peroni Ambra: recommended served over ice with a twist of orange peel

Asahi UK launches Peroni Ambra

By Daniel Woolfson

Asahi UK is extending the Peroni brand with the launch of a new 'aperitivo-inspired' beer, Peroni Ambra.

Courvoisier: de-mystifying the Cognac cocktail

Courvoisier: demystifying the Cognac cocktail

By Matthew Moggridge

Courvoisier, a leading Cognac from Maxxium UK, is collaborating with three top mixologists in the development of a major consumer cocktail event this summer.

Malibu partners with Nails Inc.

Malibu partners with Nails Inc.

By Jessica Harvey

Three limited edition Malibu-branded Nails Inc. varnishes will be exclusively available to consumers through on-trade voucher promotion in selected...

Salto: coming to the UK

Citrus cachaça set for UK

By Robyn Black

A citrus-flavoured Brazilian cachaça is ready to hit UK pubs and bars — Salto has a lower alcoholic strength than other cachaça brands, at 24% ABV.

Luxardo limoncello: relaunching

Luxardo relaunches limoncello

By Sonya Hook

A new version of limoncello — that promises a more intense lemon taste — is on its way from Cellar Trends. The new Luxardo Limoncello will...

Peggy at IFE

Peggy at IFE

I¹m not a big fan of traipsing around great big halls to look at new stuff for the pub, but you¹ve got to show willing, I suppose. I quite enjoyed...

Creative juices

Creative juices

Using flair and flavour to create a new cocktail is always a challenge. IPB Bartenders' chief mixologist, Alex Turner, suggests novel ways with...