Star Pubs & Bars rewards new licensees

Star Pubs & Bars gives new lessees cash for high standards

By John Harrington

Star Pubs & Bars, the Heineken-owned leased pub operator, has said that nearly 70% of new lessees on its first year support package are set to receive cash bonuses averaging £1,500 for high customer service scores.

Unclean toilets were one of the main reasons deterring pub visits

Dirty toilets top pub deterrent for customers

By Mark Wingett

The expectation that higher prices is one of the leading pub deterrents is not borne out by new research, which shows that high food and drink prices (24% and 35% respectively) fall behind several other factors when it comes to consumers choosing to visit...

Pub loyalty scheme top tips

10 tips on running a customer loyalty programme

Building long-term relationships with customers in tough times is prompting an increasing number of pubs to introduce loyalty-card schemes. Successful initiatives tend to feature both new and old technologies. Here are 10 top tips to running a customer...


Pubs need to embrace the new values of customers

By Neil Morgan

It is only right that the pub sector should celebrate the chancellor’s largesse in removing the beer duty escalator (and the penny off a pint), even if the spectre of the minimum-pricing debate hasn’t quite been exorcised.


Give guests a reason to visit your pub

By Anthony Pender

2013 is already well underway and it is safe to assume it is going to be another challenging year. One thing that is clear this year is that certain businesses are weathering the storm better than others.


Focus on the product as well as the smile at your pub

By Mahdis Neghabian

I recently returned from Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city, and my adopted home town. Customer service in Gothenburg (and most of Sweden) is absolutely spot-on. I would even say that, for me, it comes close to faultless.


Transforming your staff into service gurus

By Steve Pike

Customers aren’t generally looking to find fault — they just want a pleasant, hassle-free experience, with courteous and effective service as a minimum, says Steve Pike, director of the Mystery Dining Company.


Running a pub is a complex business

By Gerry Price

It is a busy time of year right now and balancing cost control with great customer service is a challenge. Add in the additional effort for promotional activity vital to keep that sparkle in your customers’ eyes and it makes it a serious job.


Pub Chef opinion: Business approach should be consistent

By Edward Halls

Having pondered many subjects for this column I have decided to talk about the economy and how it helps me stay focused. Nearly everyone in our industry is finding life harder and personally, having only been open two years, I am interested to know what...

Customer demands leave a bitter taste for pub chefs

Everyone is a critic and don’t pub chefs know it. With disregard for the time and care that goes into devising dishes, customers will demand that peas be removed in favour of beans, the sauce is served on the side and could the chicken be moved a little...