Domestic Violence

Next move: industry welcomes second phase of alcohol-related harm areas programme

Industry welcomes second phase of the local alcohol action areas

By Helen Gilbert

The industry has welcomed the second phase of the local alcohol action areas (LAAAs) programme aimed at reducing alcohol-related harm, crime and disorder, which the Home Office said costs England and Wales an estimated £11bn per year.

Employees can benefit from training courses on how to deal with violence and aggression from customers

Legal checklist: Violence at work

By Pat Perry

Violence at work is very much a health and safety issue. If your employees are in danger of experiencing violence whilst at work, you have a duty of care as their employer to reduce the risks as far as is reasonably practicable. Our guide details the...

Shenker: focus on parents

Government must probe parental drinking

By Michelle Perrett

Two charities are calling for a Government inquiry into the impact of parental alcohol misuse on children. Alcohol Concern and the Children's...

House: pubs are supervised

Top cop: pubs safer than home drinking

By Ewan Turney

A top cop in Scotland has urged people to visit pubs rather than drink at home in a bid to cut violent attacks. Stephen House, chief constable of...

Court not Caution: council is echoing aims of Pubwatch campaign to protect staff

Council campaigns to protect pub staff

By John Harrington

Councils and health and safety officials in the Midlands have launched a campaign to protect pub staff from verbal and physical attacks at work....

Beer mats: Raising abuse awareness

Beer mats to raise abuse awareness

By Ewan Turney

Fifty thousand beer mats are being handed out to pubs, bars and clubs across Leicestershire to raise awareness of alcohol and domestic violence. The...

Metal detector plan for pubs and clubs

Metal detector plan for pubs and clubs

By Ewan Turney

Pubs and clubs could have metal detectors installed at entrances to check for knives and guns. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced today, in the...