Drinking Culture

A drink to your good health

By Poppleston Allen

The recent announcement of Lord Brooke’s Private Members Bill “to make provision for the addition of the public health objective to the Licensing Act 2003” shows that there is still a school of thought which sees the licensing process as a means of controlling...

Zolfo Cooper partner Paul Hemming: 'If the government is to make progress in this area then a new approach is required'

Drinkers still not keeping count on alcohol consumption

By Mark Wingett

Government and health bodies’ attempts to persuade consumers to think about how many alcohol units they are consuming appear to be failing, with the vast majority of UK adults admitting that they don’t keep track, according to new consumer research.

Drinkaware sets out priorities

Drinkaware sets out four priorities for 2013

By John Harrington

Drinkaware, the industry-funded alcohol awareness charity, has set out its four priorities for action in 2013 in a report on its progress last year.

The Portman Group said Laverstoke Park's product labels breach alcohol responsibility rules

Portman Group and Laverstoke Park Farm: Where is the evidence?

By Publican Sam

I used to have a high regard for the Portman Group, I say "used to" advisedly having seen this report in the Publican's Morning Advertiser on the long-running dispute between this 'august' trade body and Laverstoke Park Farm over...


Police, pre-loading and EMROs

By Jonathan Smith

In a previous column my fellow partner James Anderson wrote a piece on “The demonisation of alcohol”, concentrating on underage drinking. I would like to consider its demonisation in terms of the levels of alcohol consumption and some of the grounds for...