Rising prices: 'Costs are escalating and we’re probably on our own when it comes to Government support,' says The Morning Advertiser's Ed Bedington

Time to keep fighting

By Ed Bedington

Pub operators could be forgiven for feeling a little like a punching bag of late. Fresh from being the main target when it comes to the Government’s ineffectual control of Covid, we’re now facing a tidal wave of cost when it comes to energy supply.

Gary McNaughton: feels he was put in a “no-win situation”

Licensee to pay £14,509 electricity bill

By Adam Pescod

A licensee in Cornwall has reached an out-of-court settlement with energy company Opus to pay electricity bills worth over £14,000. Gary...

JD Wetherspoon: fire at green pub

Fire closes Wetherspoon flagship green pub

By The PMA Team

A serious fire has closed JD Wetherspoon' flagship green pub, the Kettleby Cross in Melton Mowbray, three years after it opened. Investigations are...

Finding the right energy supplier can make a big difference

Pub power brokers

By Tony Halstead

Obtaining the best gas and electricity deal for your pub can be a confusing and potentially costly task. Tony Halstead reports on the energy...

Blue Sky thinking

Blue Sky thinking

Rising energy costs - the bane of many a publican's life. You should have already taken steps to tackle them…through ensuring you are on the best...

Fuel intentions

Fuel intentions

With energy costs soaring, energywatch's Karl Brookes offers some practical tips and advice on how to maximise efficiency and get the best possible...

Today's the day

Today's the day

In the latest stage of the energy-saving 'Get Switched On! with The Publican' campaign, we urge you to take a closer look at your pub's energy...