The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 50

Digital delights

By Ed Bedington

How does the digital world fit into the analogue world of pubs? The Lock In team take a deep dive into digital with help from a range of guests including superstar chef Gary Usher.

Paid for: platforms such as TripAdvisor are fighting to protect real reviews

Operators ‘outraged’ over paid positive reviews offer

By Nicholas Robinson

Not long into the New Year and already operators are facing new threats against their businesses. On the face of it an email from a stranger suggesting you pay them money for positive pub reviews may, to some, appear innocuous. But the fact is, it poses...

Top tips for showing sport in pubs


Creating a winning team when it comes to showing sport

By BT Sport

Having a team that’s enthusiastic and able to engage with customers about sport will help make your pub a winning venue. Here are some tips for building a strong team and boosting sales.

Editorial: The digital battle is one you must win

#DigiPubs special

Editorial: The digital battle is one you must win

By Mike Berry

By no means do I consider myself a technophobe but, admittedly, I’m some way from being a ‘digital native’ — the phrase coined for the younger generation born or brought up during the internet age.

The Babbling Brook in Somerset is offering an Orient Express themed menu

Money Makers

By PubFood

Event and promotional ideas for your pub

Never underestimate social media's power

Never underestimate social media's power

By Michael Kheng

Do you use Facebook and/or Twitter? If not, why not? If you do, do you use it to your advantage and to its full potential?Social media such as Facebook and Twitter is becoming a great way, in some case the only way, to get your message across.

Global Brands wants your flavour suggestions

VK fans’ flavour mission

By Noli Dinkovski

Global Brands is asking consumers to come up with a new VK flavour in time for Freshers’ Week celebrations in September.

Don't forget pubs are social networks too

Don't forget pubs are social networks too

By Mark Daniels

Brazilian. Nightclub. Facebook. Three words that don’t sound like they should be together in a sentence pre-watershed, but the story behind them is fascinating.

Daniels: tag-tastic

Tag us, and win?

By Mark Daniels

Mark Daniels considers what the new tagging option for businesses and brands means in the pub world.

Pubwatch: groups should be wary of publishing names of banned individuals

Caution over pubwatch Facebook move

By Gurjit Degun

Pubwatches are urged to be cautious about publishing names of banned individuals on social networking sites. One pubwatch in Scotland has taken to...

Digital marketing: important for pubs

Building pubs' social networks

By Ewan Turney

As the social media revolution gathers pace pubs increasingly need to adopt a digital marketing strategy — or miss out. Ewan Turney looks at a...

3DTV: has its own zone in Orchid pubs

Orchid launches 3D sport website

By Ewan Turney

Orchid Pub Company has launched a new website to help promote 3D sport at its pubs and raise awareness.

Facebook pictures: used to identify banned people

Pubwatch uses Facebook pictures as ID

By John Harrington

A pubwatch group is using pictures from Facebook and Bebo to help members identify people with bans. Links to profile pages containing pictures of...

Charity: technology helps improvement

Make friends with technology

By The PMA Team

The sheer quantity of technological innovation on so many fronts is creating tsunami-like waves of change, says The PMA Team.

Police will ban alcohol sales to halt party

Police to close pubs to halt Facebook party

By MA reporter

Police are set to use unprecedented powers to stop every shop and pub in a town selling alcohol - in a bid to halt an illegal beach party organised...

Hidden gem

Hidden gem

Kelly Smith ventures into the Vaults to discover how two Birmingham business partners turned a Victorian workhouse basement into a stylish...