Rule of six: 'You must not meet socially in groups of more than six and if you do, you will be breaking the law,' Boris Johnson explained

‘Rule of six’ comes into force today

By Nikkie Thatcher

The Government’s ‘rule of six’ will be enforced from today (Monday 14 September) meaning those breaking it could be arrested.

Improving access to justice: a senior judge said public venues should open up to hold court proceedings

Should court proceedings take place in pubs?

By Emily Hawkins

Courts should sit in pubs and other public venues to make the legal process more accessible, the country’s top family division judge suggested as he left his post.

Legal knowledge: Jonathan Greatorex wants TripAdvisor to take down untrue reviews

How to remove malicious TripAdvisor reviews

By James Beeson

It’s every licensee’s worst nightmare. A wholly untrue and malicious review, posted on the internet on a website that refuses to take it down.

Unlawful occupation: Advice for pubs over squatters. (Image: Google Maps)

What can publicans do if squatters come calling?

By Fred A'Court

What can a pub do if travellers or squatters simply turn up and camp outside the premises? Any unlawful occupation can be distressing and stressful, but under common law the land owner has a right to evict people to regain possession.

Licensing: Poppleston Allen were witness for the legal experts panel at the House of Lords select committee review into the 2003 Licensing Act

Licensing Act 2003

Legal analysis: expert opinion sought by Lords

By Poppleston Allen

Legal experts Poppleston Allen reveal some of the questions asked at the panel session held at the House of Lords select committee this month (November).

Beware of the appeals 'lottery'

Legal advice

Beware of the appeals 'lottery'

By Poppleston Allen

We are now into the 11th year since ‘licensing reform’ and the old system is becoming a dot on the horizon; anyone involved in the industry for fewer than 10 years is likely to think a ‘transfer session’ means a football transfer window-inspired drinking...

The seminars are designed to help prepare licensees for the introduction of the pubs at the end of May


Pubs code: Trade bodies band together to offer support to licensees

By Emily Sutherland

Leading trade bodies the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR), the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) and the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Association (FLVA) have come together to offer licensees support and guidance on the statutory...

Getting the picture on CCTV

Legal advice

Getting the picture on CCTV

By Poppleston Allen

There are lots of reasons why you might wish to install CCTV at your premises: to protect and reassure your customers, to protect your business (and the till), and to deter criminals.

Food law prosecution database is six months old

Food safety

'Speedier fines' for law-breaking food businesses

By Nicholas Robinson

Law-breaking food businesses, including pubs, could expect speedier fines and prosecutions as a result of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) food law prosecution database and a strategy to improve the organisation’s digital technology.

When is it legal to refuse entry?

Legal advice

When is it legal to refuse entry?

By James Evison

Following the judgement on Wetherspoons and travellers, where does the law stand on refusal of entry?

David Brammer: 'Numerous appeals have already been dealt with by the first tier tribunal'

How to appeal an ACV listing

By David Brammer

Experts argue that a building in use is better than one left empty, which can happen at ACV-listed pubs. David Brammer, solicitor and head of planning at commercial law firm SGH Martineau, explains how licensees can appeal a listing

Keeping the brief: expert legal help is advised but costs may prohibit that

Taking the law into your own hands

By Poppleston Allen

Now the festive period is over, many of you will be thinking of ways to maximise your profits during 2015.