Coulson: a licensee is not compelled to do business with anyone he doesn't wish to

To ban or not to ban

By Peter Coulson

MA legal editor Peter Coulson considers the case of a Pubwatch ban being taken to the High Court again.

Coulson: lack of willingness to challenge behaviour in higher authority

Not an appealing prospect

By Peter Coulson

One of the major differences between the workings of the old 1964 Licensing Act and the current 2003 version is the lack of clarity about what the law actually means, says Peter Coulson.

Pubs could save money on PPL licence

Trade wins landmark music licence battle

By Ewan Turney

The trade has won a landmark legal battle against the Phongraphic Performance Limited (PPL) that could save pubs millions of pounds in music licensing.

Hosts could still be prosecuted after European case is heard

Footy prosecutions 'pointless' until Europe

By John Harrington

The Premier League says it would be "pointless" bringing new prosecutions for foreign satellite screenings at pubs until after the landmark legal...

Pubwatch bans are legal, says court

Pubwatch bans proved legal...again

By John Harrington

The right of pubwatch groups to ban people from venues has been upheld once more at the Court of Appeal following an appeal by a man against his ban handed out by Buckingham Pubwatch.

Councillors went beyond their remit

Court overturns suspended licence

By John Harrington

Magistrates have overturned a pub's licence suspension — saying it amounted to a punishment and had nothing to do with protecting the public....

Hogan: Lost appeal on flouting smoking ban

Smoke ban rebel loses appeal

By John Harrington

Smoke ban rebel licensee Nick Hogan has lost his Crown Court appeal against convictions for flouting the smoking ban. Hogan appealed three of his...

Pring: Great victory for pubwatch

Good sense prevails for pubwatch

By Andrew Pring

Amidst some rather bizarre human-rights legislation, it's refreshing to see common sense protecting licensees and customers from troublemakers, says MA editor Andrew Pring

Hayward: Report calls for unlawful action

BBPA: KPMG report calls for unlawful action

By Ewan Turney

The KPMG report totally ignores the Government's own evidence gathered during sting operations and calls on the industry to act above the law in...

Licensees should be wary of paying an upfront fee

Rates appeal warning

By Joe Lutrario

The Valuation Office has issued a warning for licensees to be wary of companies offering to appeal business rates for a fee. Bolton-based firm Morgan...

Rebel Howitt wins fight to keep pub open

Rebel Howitt wins fight to keep pub open

By Ewan Turney

Smoke rebel Hamish Howitt has won his fight to keep his Blackpool pub open. Howitt won his appeal against Blackpool Council's decision to revoke the...

Employment law help for pubs launched

Employment law help for pubs launched

Pubs are urged to take advantage of free help on employment law. The Government has launched a campaign to ensure small businesses get help from the...

Holiday for a new worker Q I started work in a pub in October and I work a five-and-a-half-day week. I asked the owner about holidays and he said we...