Involved: Iain & Katie McLaren of the Kimberley, Glasgow, said Innside Track helps control their business

S&NPC package empowers lessees

By Gurjit Degun

Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company (S&NPC) has introduced a new accounts and stocktaking package for its lessees to give them more control of their business.

Thorley: unreliable evidence?

Diary special: Pubco Report

By John Harrington

Read what the pubco report had to say about Brulines, Thorley, Tuppen, AWPs and transparency on rental valuations.

Pubcos are under the microscope

Pubcos: 'Status quo not an option'

By The PMA Team

The Business and Enterprise Committee published a highly critical report on the pubco/tenant relationship today. The Morning Advertiser reports the...



When it comes to lease assignments, Peter Linacre reckons lessees should take far more care In the ongoing open warfare that describes the...