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Speak up: Will the Autumn Budget include any respite for pubs?

Spotlight: the call for pubs to unite and fight

By Georgina Townshend

As the Autumn Budget approaches, the pub sector has plenty on its plate and must come together to try to battle the onerous taxes and other financial expenses on the horizon.

Bitter defeat: Mulholland had held the Leeds North West seat since 2005

General Election 2017

'Pub champion’ Mulholland loses seat

By Liam Coleman

Chair of the British Pub Confederation MP Greg Mulholland lost his Leeds North West seat in the general election, that has ended in a hung parliament that saw most pub campaigning MPs re-elected.

What are Jeremy Corbyn's views on pubs?

What are Jeremy Corbyn's views on pubs?

By James Evison

Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the Opposition, is a teetotaller, and despite delivering his victory speech in a Westminster pub, he hasn’t spoken often on them in parliament. But that hasn’t stopped him supporting a wide range of pub-related motions...