Lifestyle change: chef Tom Kerridge lost almost half his body weight from changing his eating habits

Kerridge praised for diet show

By Nikkie Sutton

Celebrity pub chef Tom Kerridge has been lauded on social media for his new BBC2 show Lose Weight For Good.

Future predictions: healthy coffee is just one trend operators need to keep an eye on

Top food trends according to Pinterest

By Nikkie Sutton

Healthy air frying, soups, spice and swapping meat for other vegan proteins are just a few of the trends set to hit the on-trade next year according to virtual bulletin board Pinterest.

Clean eating: more consumers want to eat healthier when dining out

Consumers would eat out more for healthy options

By Michelle Perrett

One-third (31%) of consumers would eat out more often if healthier options were more easily available, research by education and training charity IGD has revealed.

Real deal: one quarter of UK consumers agree that meat substitutes that are similar to meat do appeal

Global food trends for 2018

By Nikkie Sutton

Operators need to be transparent about what they are serving consumers, sensitive to ongoing health trends and to consider the texture of food, according to latest global food trends data from Mintel.

Top tip: the free-from category remains the number one food trend

Look into the future of food

By Nikkie Sutton

Pubs need to tap into the future when it comes to food trends, whether that’s a year or 10 down the line. Experts outline which categories are the ones to watch.

Calorie laden: pub food not healthy enough say critics

Critics shame pub food as unhealthy

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs have been criticised for supplying unhealthy food to children that falls “far behind” the standards of the retail sector.

Social stopper: almost half of consumers think a healthy eating plan gets in the way of their social life

Nutritional information on menus demanded by consumers

By Nikkie Sutton

More than two-thirds (67%) of consumers want to know the nutritional information of every dish on a menu when they eat out, according to Fourth, software partner to the hospitality industry.

Following the curve: Seedlip uses botanicals in its non-alcoholic recipe

Top drinks trends revealed

By Nikkie Sutton

Drinks trends to be on the look out for this year include using nuts and seeds in beverages to create healthier serves, according to research from Mintel, which also predicts an increase in product launches.

Trade fears: ALMR says health legislation should not hit pubs

ALMR: obesity solutions should not burden operators

By Nikkie Sutton

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has reiterated its message that the trade is keen to help tackle childhood obesity but without the burden falling on licensees.

Catch of the day: healthy doesn't have to be boring

Healthy menu planning

On a health kick

By Nicholas Robinson

Once the Alka-Seltzers have been returned to the medicine cabinet after the festive binge, customers will emerge from their party mentality in search of health food sanctuary. Enter the pub...  Andrew Don reports

Sugar warning: pubs to be pressured into making food healthier


Pubs to be ‘shamed’ into sugar reduction by Government

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs and other food and drink-serving outlets will be "shamed" into reducing the sugar content of their food by the Government, warns health secretary Jeremy Hunt and Public Health England (PHE) chief executive Duncan Selbie.

Why the ALMR is opposing the sugar tax

Sugar tax

Why the ALMR is opposing the sugar tax

By Chief executive of the ALMR, Kate Nicholls

With rising levels of obesity, particularly among children, so strong in the public consciousness, it’s no surprise the Government wants to appear firm on health concerns. The Government is keen to be seen to tackle health problems and demonstrate that...

Britvic will continue to innovate and launch products

Budget 2016

Britvic boss ‘surprised and ‘disappointed’ by sugar levy

By Nicholas Robinson

Britvic will continue to reformulate its soft drinks in line with targets the company set for itself before the government-announced sugar levy last week, managing director of Britvic Great Britain Paul Graham has said.

Do PMA readers want calorie labelling on menus? Find out the results of our exclusive poll below

Healthy eating

Calorie counting "not important" for consumers

By Nicholas Robinson

Calorie labelling on pub food menus could be irrelevant, as new research from Mintel shows the information far from tops consumers' priorities when looking for nutritional guidance.

What's new in pub desserts?

Dessert Report

Nine things you need to know about desserts in pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Consumers are pickier than ever, especially when it comes to foods that are perceived to be bad for health and the waistline. Here are nine things you need to know to put a succesful dessert offer on in your pub.

Key healthy food trends for foodservice sector in 2016


Healthy food options: what's coming in 2016?

By Nicholas Robinson

As more people decide they know what’s best for their own health, Alison Baker looks at how pubs can offer food and drink to meet requirements

Grains, such as quinoa, will remain popular in 2016, according to Vegetarian Express


Vegetarian food draws customers to pubs in January

By Nicholas Robinson

Heavily-promoting healthy food options in January can tempt fat-fighting consumers through pub doors during the period of self-restraint, a vegetarian and vegan food distributor has claimed.

67% of men and 57% of women in the UK are overweight or obese

News analysis: sugar tax

First shots in sugar tax wars

By Nicholas Robinson

With billions being spent on trying to combat Britain’s growing obesity crisis and its subsequent diabetes epidemic, Nicholas Robinson and Daniel Woolfson take an in-depth look at the arguments for and against the latest quick fix to grab the headlines...

67% of men and 57% of women respectively in the UK are overweight or obese

Sugar Tax

Sugar tax and nutritional labelling enforced under lobby group’s plans

By Nicholas Robinson

Prime Minister David Cameron is facing increased pressure from the sugar lobby group Action on Sugar (AoS) to implement a heavy tax on sugary food and drink and to enforce nutritional labelling on menus to help tackle the UK’s growing obesity epidemic.

'Sugar has only four calories per gram,' says Making Sense of Sugar

Sugar Tax

Sugar myths ‘debunked’

By Nicholas Robinson

A campaign to dispel myths about the impact of sugar on diet and health has been launched ahead of National Sugar Week (30 November – 6 December), following celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s pressure on the government to implement a tax on high-sugary food...

There's a Beer for That says beer belly a myth

Top beer stories

Beer belly branded a 'myth'

By Emily Sutherland

Most UK drinkers don’t understand what’s in their beer according to a new study from There’s a Beer for That, with many believing that the nation’s favourite tipple has far more calories and sugar than it actually does.

'Make child-sized versions of adult dishes,' says Harvester

Children’s menus

Big pub chains reveal top menu tips for kids

By Nicholas Robinson

Senior head office staff from Wetherspoons, Harvester and the Soil Association (SA) have revealed their top tips for creating a nutritious and cost-effective pub food menu for children.