What's in the news 12 January?

Review of the Week

'I don't think beer is enough'

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington caught up with Beer and Coffee gaffer Matt Crowther to get his take on the week's news from wages to drinks sales, and whether beer is expensive enough.

Was January trade positive for pubs?


January trade - win or loss?

By Ed Bedington

Against a backdrop of rocketing price rises, rampant inflation, and closures and sales, it’s been interesting being on the road for the Publican Awards judging this week.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In podcast episode 53

The Lock In Podcast

Price of a pint

By Ed Bedington

How are you handling your pricing? The Lock In team tackle the difficult questions as inflation runs rampant - how much can you put your prices up by?

How can pubs profit from the low cost of pigs?

Pig price drop - hog the profits

By Ed Bedington

Pub operators are being urged to take advantage of low pork prices and stage a hog roast as the autumn gathers pace.

Call for help: the WSTA wants action from the Government on 'triple whammy'

WSTA calls on Government for on-trade help

By Michelle Perrett

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has called on the Government to help the on-trade, as it revealed the average price of a 175ml glass of wine has increased by 21p compared to the same period last year.

Rising costs: foodservice inflation hit its highest rate in three years in June 2017

How pubs can survive rising food prices

By Nikkie Sutton

Reducing the number of dishes on the menu, tapping into technology and keeping staff at the forefront of the business are some of the ways operators can combat rising food prices, according to data experts.

Steady: BT Sport will not restructure its prices when the new business rates come into effect

BT Sport announces price freeze

By Liam Coleman

BT Sport will not raise the prices of its subscription packages when the new business rates are announced in April, the broadcaster has confirmed.

Weather the storm: pubs can survive the tough times ahead


Pub food can survive the Brexit storm

By Nicholas Robinson

Food-led pubs are in the best position to weather the storm of Brexit-induced price rises and reduced consumer confidence caused by political instability.

Beer prices to soar by 30p a pint


Beer prices could soar by 30p a pint

By Michelle Perrett

The price of a pint of beer could be set to soar by 30p as pub companies face a “triple whammy” of pressures in the New Year, The Sunday Times has reported.

Post-Brexit wine price fears: a storm brewing or scaremongering?


Post-Brexit wine price fears: a storm brewing or scaremongering?

By Daniel Woolfson

Wine experts have warned that the severe economic uncertainty left by Britain’s vote to leave the EU is likely to disrupt the UK’s wine industry and raise prices. But how tangible will the knock-on effect be on UK pubs and should licensees be worried? 

Brakes: wholesaler to publish list prices for greater transparency


Brakes to publish prices for greater transparency

By Daniel Woolfson

Foodservice supplier Brakes has announced it will publish its list prices for the first time since 2011 in an effort to increase transparency following previous negative customer reviews.

New Smirnoff cider comes in two flavours: Passionfruit & Lime and Raspberry & Pomegranate


Smirnoff vodka launches first ciders

By Nicholas Robinson

Smirnoff vodka has entered the fruit cider category with the launch of its Passionfruit & Lime and Raspberry & Pomegranate liquids – a blend of fruit flavours and vodka.

Round up: Fleurets survey of pub prices

Round up: Fleurets survey of pub prices

By Ben Winstanley

From rising freehold sale prices to large-scale corporate group transactions, the Fleurets 2015 survey of pub prices points towards strengthening market conditions in the leisure property sector. 

Backlash against beer price hike gains momentum


Backlash against beer price hike gains momentum

By Emily Sutherland

Another leading operator has joined the growing backlash against big brewers upping their beer prices this New Year and warned the cost of a pint could soon be out of reach for some consumers. 

Beer Price Index puts cheap pints in Leeds and Liverpool

Revealed: cheapest place to buy a pint

By Emily Sutherland

Krakow and Kiev are the cheapest cities in the world to buy a pint according to the latest Beer Price Index, with the average price of a 33cl beer in a bar costing just £1.52.

Trend watch: slow-cooked dishes are still popular with customers

Time ripe for new menu ideas

By Jo Bruce

A combination of quality home-grown produce and low food inflation means the time is right for operators to trial new dishes and menu ideas, advises a leading buying specialist.

Christie + Co pub sale hike 8.6%

Pub sale price hikes 8.6%

By Ellie Bothwell

The average sale price of a pub has increased by 8.6% over the past year and a record number are being sold for continued use, according to the latest research from property agent Christie + Co.

Demand for pork shoulder is now high all-year around

Pork prices flattened by growing demand

By Jo Bruce

The trend for dishes such as pulled pork is moving the goalposts for operators when it comes to effective menu planning, hospitality buying company Lynx Purchasing has warned.

Robinsons to offer innovative new tenancy agreements

Robinsons to offer innovative new tenancy agreements

By John Harrington, M&C Report

Robinsons, the Cheshire brewer  and pub operator, is to offer drinks discounts at selected pubs based on competition in the local market and what consumers are prepared to pay.

Hungry Horse has among the highest exit price outside the premium segment

Operators use 'exit' food items to grow margins

By John Harrington

Operators are continuing to offer very competitive price points for entry level dishes but charging significantly more for their most expensive ‘exit’ food items, according to the Menu & Food Trends report from Allegra Foodservice.


Neil Morgan: Price growth sees north/south undivided

By Neil Morgan

A lot has been written, said and debated about the north/south property divide in recent times — particularly in relation to the housing market. Yet, the discussion hasn’t been limited to residential premises — indeed, the north/south divide in the pub...

minimum pricing alcohol

Minimum pricing on alcohol to be scrapped

By Mark Wingett

David Cameron’s plans for a minimum alcohol price and a ban on “multi-buy” discounts on drinks will be formally killed off next week.

Fewer bottom-end pubs sold for alternative use

Fewer bottom-end pubs sold for alternative use

By John Harrington

Fewer than half (48%) of all bottom-end freehold pubs sold in the year to 30 September went for alternative use - six percentage points fewer than last year - and the slowdown in conversion rates is expected to continue, according to Fleurets.

Minimum pricing won’t make alcohol expensive

Minimum pricing won’t make alcohol expensive

By Mark Daniels

So I seem to have spent much of the last ten days fending off questions from customers about just what the Minimum Price legislation would mean to them. It’s amusing to watch how a little bit of pub maths and a lot of hyperbole can make somebody’s perception...