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Multiple wins: New World Trading Company picked up six Publican Awards

Publican Awards

Publican Awards: the 2017 winners explain why you should enter for 2018

By Ed Bedington

Because of the intensity of competition and the thoroughness with which entrants to the categories are scrutinised, the Publican Awards are rightly judged the ones to win. So what does it take to come out on top? Find out from the first round of our profiles...

Unnecessary pressure: PCA Paul Newby is concerned over Calderbank Offer letters

Pubs code adjudicator raises concerns over Calderbank letters

By Georgina Townshend

The pubs code adjudicator (PCA) has urged tied pub tenants to alert him if they receive a Calderbank Offer letter from their pubco during tied rent reviews, after concerns one has “broken a commitment to no longer use them”.

The pub name ’George and the Dragon’ became popular under King Edward III

What's in a name? The stories behind pub monikers

By Claire Churchard

Pub names are part of the social fabric of Britain. But have you ever wondered why your local is called what it is or why its name may have changed over the years? Here, we take a look at the stories behind the names

The hunt is on for the Great British Pub

PMA events

The hunt is on for the Great British Pub


The hunt is now on for the UK’s best pubs and this year we’re making it even simpler for bars across the UK to enter the competition.

Punch unveils new operating format

Punch unveils new operating format

By James Wallin, MC Allegra FS

Punch Taverns has revealed details of its new operating models including a turnover based agreement, its first managed house and commercial free-of-tie arrangements as well as the potential to franchise out some of its concepts.

Community Pubs Day: Kris Hopkins on pubs


Community Pubs Day: Kris Hopkins on pubs

By James Evison

The Publican's Morning Advertiser caught up with community pubs minister Kris Hopkins during the Publican Awards 2015 judging day.