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Secrets behind success: the MA spoke to operator George Greenway after the Tamworth Tap (pictured) was named CAMRA POTY


Secrets behind success at CAMRA's Pub of the Year

By Rebecca Weller

Owner of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Pub of the Year (POTY), George Greenway, has shared the secrets to his success at The Tamworth Tap with The Morning Advertiser (MA).

CAMRA launches consultation to drive inclusivity: members and non-members asked to anonymously share experiences with the campaign (Credit: Getty/ alubalish)

CAMRA launches consultation to drive inclusivity

By Rebecca Weller

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has launched a consultation into inclusivity, diversity and equality within the organisation and at its events, in response to discussions in the wider beer and pub industry regarding continuing prevalence of discrimination and...

Beer sale: pubs are reducing the price of ale to help cut the amount thrown away

Pubs slashing ale pint prices to less than £1

By Nikkie Thatcher

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) and Stonegate Pub Company have cut prices of real ale to under £1 in a bid to throw as little beer away as possible during the second lockdown.

A new look? CAMRA to ask members if they're happy with proposals

CAMRA ‘widens scope’ to cover all beers and outlets

By Nicholas Robinson

Beer and cider campaign group the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) will aim to broaden its reach to cover all “quality” beer and cider types, and will move its focus from traditional pubs to more on-trade outlets.

Doctor's orders: Pubs can learn about their customers through sociology

How sociology can help pubs understand their customers

By Phil Mellows

Doctor Tom Thurnell-Read is not a medical man, but he can help you with the health of your pub. Meet the sociologist whose research can teach publicans about their customers and their drinking culture.

Perfect harmony: 'It's all about making really good beer'


Real ale and craft beer ‘more alike than you’d like to think’

By Nicholas Robinson

Those who snub craft beer as a low-rent Americanised version of ‘real British ale’ are kidding themselves and should work with the brewers producing the unique liquids, argued beer writer Pete Brown at The Morning Advertiser’s (MA) Great British Beer...

CAMRA revitalisation project

CAMRA consultation

CAMRA founder criticised over BBC Breakfast appearance

By Emily Sutherland

Campaign for Real Ale founder Michael Hardman has come under fire after an appearance on BBC1's Breakfast show in which presenters accused the beer veteran of denying the existence of craft beer.

Number of micropubs doubles in the last year

City news

Number of micropubs doubles in the last year

By James Wallin, M&C Allegra FS

The number of micropubs in the UK has doubled in the last year and is expected to reach 800 by 2018, according the Micropub Association.

CAMRA research shows young drinking real ale

Young people turn to real ale

By Robyn Black

Young people are more attracted to real ale than any other age group, says new research by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

Great British Beer Festival is a great shop window for real ale

Great British Beer Festival is a great shop window for real ale

By Mike Benner

It’s that time of the year again. Each and every August 1,000 Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) volunteers pack their bags and head down to west London to run the Great British Beer Festival (GBBF). There’s little doubt that this event is the biggest annual...

Real ale rises for first time

Number of people trying real ale rises

By Michelle Perrett

The number of people drinking real ale for the first time has risen by 40% in the past five years, research from CAMRA has revealed.

Great British Beer Festival: gets underway today

One in two drinkers have tried real ale

By John Harrington, M&C Report

The number of UK drinkers trying real ale has risen by 40% since 2006, with more than 200 new breweries opening in that time, says the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

Beer goggles: people in north-east are the nation's top real ale drinkers

North-east is top real ale region

By Lesley Foottit

People in north-east England are the top drinkers of real ale after new research showed 74% of adults in the region have tried it. The Campaign for...

Women: up for a beer

More women drinking real ale

By Gemma McKenna

More female drinkers are trying real ale than ever before — up to 37% compared to just 16% in June 2008. As part of National Cask Ale Week the...

Record numbers attended GBBF this year

Record numbers attend GBBF

By Robyn Lewis

A record number of beer fans attended this year's Great British Beer Festival, with numbers up 7.6% on last year according to Camra.