International Margarita Day: raise your glass and toast the classic cocktail with these recipes (Credit: Getty/Svetlana-Cherruty)

Recipes to celebrate International Margarita Day

By Rebecca Weller

Celebrated on the 22 February every year, people around the world raise their Margarita glasses to toast the classic Tequila-based cocktail for International Margarita Day.

Drinks Masterclass: how to make mango a Margarita (Credit:SolStock)


How to make a Mango Margarita

By Rebecca Weller

In this week’s Drinks Masterclass, Present Company general manager Carey Hanlon explains how to make the venues Mango Margarita cocktail (18.7% ABV).

List revealed: the top 10 selling Tequila brands have been unveiled (image: Getty/pjohnson1)

Drinks list 2023

Jose Cuervo is UK’s top selling Tequila

By Nikkie Thatcher

There has been little change in the top Tequilas sold in the on-trade in the past year compared to the previous 12 months.

On-trade sales of Tequila rise by 106% in a year: total value sales for the year rose from £68.12m to £140.6m (Credit: Getty/ GMVozd)

Tequila sales increase by 106%

By Rebecca Weller

Sales of Tequila in the on-trade have increased by 106% in the past year with total value sales for the year rising from £68.12m to £140.6m, according to CGA data.

Citrus sidekick: lime is a perfect partner to Tequila (credit: AlexPro9500/iStock/Thinkstock.co.uk)

Shots to sips: the evolution of Tequila

By Emma Eversham

A far more subtle and sophisticated spirit than it’s often given credit for, there are many other ways to enjoy Tequila than slamming it back with salt and a wedge of lime. Emma Eversham reports.

How to make an El Diablo

Drink Deconstructed

Make the perfect El Diablo

By Nicholas Robinson

The English translation of El Diablo means Devil, but this tequila-based cocktail is an angel to make and is a refreshing quencher in the summer.

Pernod Ricard adds new Altos Tequila


Pernod Ricard adds new Altos Tequila

By Nicholas Robinson

Pernod Ricard UK has “completed” its Olmeca Altos Tequila portfolio with the introduction of its Añejo blue agave Tequila.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver launched

New tequila for Jose Cuervo

By Robyn Black

Proximo Spirits is to launch a white 100% agave tequila under its Jose Cuervo label next month.

Jose Cuervo tequila campaign

Tequila time - at last!

By Robyn Black

Tequila, which takes but seconds to drink, takes a surprisingly long time to create – around eight years just for the agave (the plant from which it is made) to be mature enough.

Maxxium: new tequila range

Maxxium launches new premium tequilas

By Ewan Turney

Maxxium UK has launched a new super premium range of tequilas from Sauza. Tres Generaciones is a range of three triple distilled, 100% agave...

Out of the slammer

Out of the slammer

Nigel Huddleston discovers that tequila's appeal lies in its versatility It may not be the biggest category in the spirits market, but tequila is...



'Tequila' is invariably followed by 'slammer' in most people's minds. But for the drink to have a future in a market where 'responsible' is the...