Foregone conclusion: MA editor Ed Bedington says the general election looks like it will have a clear outcome with a win for Conservative

General Election 2017

Election survey shows bias towards the right

By Ed Bedington

The votes are in and the pub operators have spoken. It is certainly looking like a resounding victory for the Conservatives, if the pub sector has anything to say about it.

Pub beer ballot for EU referendum

Pub beer ballot for EU referendum

By Nikkie Sutton

Ahead of the EU referendum at the end of this month (June), an independent brewery has teamed up with local pubs to offer an unusual method of finding out how people may vote.

Pub people will decide the General Election outcome

Pub people will decide the General Election outcome

By Rob Willock

In 34 days – on Wednesday 18 March – George Osborne will stand at the despatch box and deliver this government’s final Budget. But can publicans influence the manifestos for the General Election?

Jack Rabbit, Publican's Choice

Publican's Choice Awards: The winners

By James Evison

Every single winner in the Publican’s Choice Awards during the years has deserved their victory because it can only happen with your genuine vote of confidence. See this year's winners here.

Wiltshire polling station pubs attract new customers

Polling station pubs attract new customers

By Ellie Bothwell

Pubs hosting polling stations can attract new business and win back locals, according to licensees who combined the bar and the ballot box last week.

Open: Gastropub awards in their fourth year

Gastropub awards launched for 2012

By Jo Bruce

The Publican's Morning Advertiser has began its search for Britain's top 50 gastropubs, in partnership with Budweiser Budvar UK. The awards, which...

Campaign: staff from the Hutt, Ravenshead, Notts

Pub snacks for voters

By John Harrington

Chef & Brewer has been offering samples of its new spring menu at polling stations today. Staff in branded "campaign" shirts, with slogans...

Builders Breakfast won the competition

Builders Breakfast is Walkers new flavour

By Ewan Turney

Builders Breakfast is the winning flavour of the Walkers "Do us a Flavour" competition and will now be added to the permanent range. Builders...

The MA's

The MA's

Top 20 UK Pubs 2005 Last year, the Morning Advertiser's first poll of the UK's top pubs as voted for by the industry was the talk of the trade....