Licensee's furious response to beer pricing TripAdvisor complaint

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Licensee's furious response to beer pricing TripAdvisor complaint

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TripAdvisor reviewers can be infuriatingly harsh in their assessments of pubs, and none more so than a customer who branded his experience ‘terrible’ based purely on the price of a pint.

Despite admitting the Peacock in Bakewell, Derbyshire, had a ‘pleasant beer garden with sunny tables’, a reviewer, with username Chris0965, gave the pub a one out of five star review because the Peroni set him back £5.20 a pint.

But the licensee was not willing to let the outraged customer have the final say, and criticised the dismissive review of his hard-working staff, suggesting the author should ‘pick up a couple of cans and sit in the local park’.

'Just not right'

The reviewer had claimed the price he paid - £10.40 for two pints - was ’just not right’, and ruined his experience.

But the publican went on to maintain that if the customer thinks a price is too expensive, he should not pay, and least of all complain about something he has ‘absolutely no understanding’ of.

The review from Chris 0965 stated​: “Pleasant beer garden with sunny tables completely ruined by paying £10.40 for two pints of Peroni. It's just not right!”


The licensee’s full response stated:

I'll tell you what's not right Chris, the fact that you can come to a Fantastic little pub that does everything right, that for your enjoyment includes a lovely beer garden that is ram-jack packed, but you can sit out in with the sun beating down, and you have the freedom to post prejudicial, socialistic comments that are your opinion only on a subject you have absolutely no understanding.
Pricing is conjectural and speculative and basically in a nutshell if you deem something too expensive, or more to the point a price you can't afford then don't pay it, move on to a place that sells the product affordable to your pocket!
If two pints of Peroni at £10.40 is going to spoil your day when you are sat out in the glorious summer weather, I feel you need to take a step back and look at yourself, because I can think of many things in life that are not right, but paying £10.40 for two Peroni Beers is not one of them.
We work damned hard here at the Peacock, invest for people such as you to come sit out and drink, or dine in our beer garden, and in return don't need self righteous opinionated comments such as yours all because you don't like paying £10.40 for two beers - Quality Beers by the way.
Can I suggest if we are not to your liking, go to your local supermarket, pick up a couple of cans and sit in the local park - This I feel would be more appropriate to the type of environment you would be more used too! 

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