All news articles for June 2018

Important step: pubcos' 'commitment to clarity and transparency' is welcome

Pubcos waive confidentiality rights over MRO

By Michelle Perrett

The six pub-operating businesses (POBs) covered by the pubs code have agreed to waive their right to confidentiality in market-rent-only (MRO) option arbitration decisions.

Endless combinations: most plants can be used in a gin mix so it offers creativity (image credit: DrPASk/CuCuRemus/iStock/

What is the future of gin?

By Nikkie Sutton

The gin bubble has been afloat for a while now and while some experts say it’s time to burst will come, others state that gin is here to stay.

Cheers: whisky can be young and fun

In association with Hi-Spirits

How can we increase whisky sales?

By Nicholas Robinson

Dark, moody and complex are three words few would deny succinctly describe the whisky category. However, though seemingly innocuous, such an ‘inoffensive’ handful of words is actually detrimental to whisky’s ability to step up its performance.

High stakes: the World Cup is entering the knockout stages

World Cup knockouts get under way

By James Beeson

England might not be in footballing action over the weekend, but there are more than a few tasty World Cup knockout fixtures for pubgoers to sink their teeth into.

Tragic incident: a spokesperson for Whitbread said their thoughts are with the guest's family (image credit: Google maps)

Woman chokes to death at Beefeater pub

By Nikkie Sutton

Emergency services, including an air ambulance, were called to a Beefeater pub after they received reports of a woman choking earlier this week (26 June).

EU citizens: should I stay or should I go?

8 things pubs need to know to keep EU staff in the UK

By Michelle Perrett

Got staff from the EU? Want them to continue working for your pub after Brexit? Then follow these 8 steps to help your employees obtain new UK immigration status using the recently published Government settlement scheme.

Call to arms: SIBA is calling on brewers, publicans and beer lovers to back its proposals

SIBA sets out Small Breweries’ Relief reform proposals

By James Beeson

The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) has set out its proposals for reform of the Small Breweries’ Relief Scheme (SBR), as it seeks to encourage growth and investment in British independent brewing, while protecting smaller craft producers.