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Kopparberg Passionfruit & Orange Cider launch, limited editions from Eden Mill and Compass Box

By Stuart Stone

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More pours: which new products have launched in the past week?
More pours: which new products have launched in the past week?

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This latest new product round-up includes more pours from Kopparberg, Eden Mill, Compass Box and TW Kempton.

Kopparberg unveils Passionfruit & Orange Cider 

Drinksmaker Kopparberg has followed up on the successful launch of its Passionfruit & Orange gin variant in 2020 by creating a 4% Passionfruit & Orange Cider.

Kopparberg’s latest pour also comes after the drinks maker released Cherry and Dark Fruit rums and hard seltzer variants last year.

“Kopparberg prides itself on its ability to deliver the bold and original flavours you’d expect from the brand, whilst reacting to ever-developing trends in the drinks industry,” Rob Salvesen, head of marketing at Kopparberg said. 

“Last year saw Kopparberg take its fruit flavour expertise into unexplored categories with our hard seltzer and rum launches and we are always looking for new ways to keep ahead of the curve and react to emerging trends and consumer demand, whilst also being trendsetters in the industry. 

“As we’re anticipating that first drink out of lockdown, we wanted to create a variant that reminds Kopparberg fans that better days are ahead, and give our customers a flavour we know they’ll love.”


Eden Mill launches Distiller's Choice collection with Oak Old Tom gin 

Oak Old Tom Gin is the first limited edition release from Eden Mill’s exclusive new “ultra-premium” gin collection, Distiller’s Choice.

Distiller’s Choice is a collection of contemporary gin expressions which aims to embrace the best of both old and new distilling techniques.

“Eden Mill has always been at the forefront of trends within the spirits industry and we pride ourselves on our pioneering spirit and desire to go beyond the conventional,” CEO and co-founder Tony Kelly said.

“We started in 2012 with the mission to revive the lost art of distilling and brewing in St. Andrews by creating small-batch, craft products from our site on the bank of the Eden Estuary.

“With our Distiller’s Choice range, we’d like to take our audience back to our roots when our distilling team would create various small-batch gin expressions and experiment with techniques and flavours.”

Described as a lightly spiced, creamy gin, Oak Old Tom Gin has been chosen by Eden Mill’s Head Distiller, Scott Ferguson to be the first release of the collection.

“One of the lightly sweetened gins that was popular in 18th-century, Old Tom Gin has been rumoured to have got its name from what was essentially the first ever vending machine for drinks,” he said.

“During the gin craze in the 1700s, the Government tried to stem the flow of gin, which they blamed for ‘extreme drunkenness’ and crime by introducing prohibitive taxes,” Ferguson continued. “So to get round the licensing, some pubs would have a wooden plaque shaped like a black cat, ‘Old Tom’ on their outside wall.

“Thirsty bypassers would place a penny in the cat’s mouth and place their lips around a small tube between the cat’s paws. The bartender inside would then pour a shot of gin through the tube and into the customer’s waiting mouth.”

Tom Gin

Hepworth & Company Brewery creates ‘The Right Stuff’​ 

West Sussex-based Hepworth & Company Brewery has launched The Right Stuff – an organic ale made with locally sourced barley from Sussex and organically grown American style hops. 

Brewed from Chinook and Cascade hops to reflect its American nature, The Right Stuff is a naturally carbonated, gluten-free and vegan-friendly 5% ABV ale, which boasts fruitily flavoured. 

Head brewer and managing director, Andy Hepworth, said: “Over the last 20 years, reliably sourcing quality organic hops has become much easier and we are lucky enough to have high quality barley on our doorstep in Sussex. 

“Hepworth has long wanted to make an APA that truly shows the best example of this style and now, thanks to the improved quality of ingredients available to us, we can for the very first time.

“The name for The Right Stuff came from novelist Tom Wolfe, who coined the phrase when writing of the qualities to make the grade as supersonic test pilots and astronauts. 

“They had to have necessary range of skills but also that extra non-specific quality, ‘The Right Stuff’, the quality that made the difference. When we developed this beer from American and British style hops, we realised we had made The Right Stuff ourselves.”


TW Kempton releases Strawberries and Cream Gin Liqueur 

Intercontinental Brands owned TW Kempton has announced a new 20% ABV Strawberries and Cream flavour addition to its roster of botanical gin liqueurs. 

“We are delighted to be launching a new, limited-edition Strawberries and Cream flavour for TW Kempton, particularly as we all look forward to the easy-going nature of Spring,” Clare Gibson, marketing director at TW Kempton said.

“The brand refresh invigorates TW Kempton’s look and feel, whilst maintaining the striking vibrancy which is so intrinsic to the brand’s identity.

“With a lower ABV of 20%, the existing range and its flavoursome extension meet the demand among consumers looking to try something new and exciting, which has a sweeter profile and is more easy drinking than a full-strength gin.”

TW Kempton

Compass Box unveils latest limited edition 

Scotch whisky maker Compass Box has announced the launch of its latest limited-edition blended malt, 46% ABV Menagerie.

The spirit is a blend of single malts from Mortlach, Deanston, Laphroaig and Glen Elgin distilleries, combined with Compass Box’s Highland Malt Blend.

Scotch whisky has a huge variety of flavour profiles – when whisky making, we pay attention to those parcels that deviate slightly from fruity, floral and spicy - ones that taste that little bit wilder than others,” lead whisky maker James Saxon said. “And it is these strange and beautiful creatures that we have brought together to create our Menagerie.”


Sence hard seltzer relaunches as Sentz 

One of the first hard seltzers to launch in 2019, Sence has relaunched as Sentz.

The brand has developed an on-trade offer with a 750ml glass sharing bottle alongside single serve 330ml bottles.

Sentz’s 4% ABV pours have a fermented fruit alcohol base and are available in a trio of cocktail-inspired flavours – Sweet Melon & Mint, Tangy Raspberry & Lime and Spiced Orange & Ginger – with three distinct palate profiles: tangy, sweet and spiced.

In what it claims is a market-first, the Sentz has added calcium, magnesium and potassium to what it is calling a “hard seltzer plus”. 

Xavier Warburton, founder of Sentz said: “Our original hard seltzer was launched when there was little market intelligence. 

“Since then, the category has evolved at pace with the advent of large brands jumping onboard the hard-seltzer trend which demonstrates confidence in the category and forecast continued growth.

“We are on a mission to change the perception that low calorie alcoholic drinks have to taste bad or be full of sugar or artificial ingredients.

 “Balancing three minerals with the fruits of provenance has had its challenges but we’re proud of our product and excited to finally get it out there. 

“Sentz is positioned as a product for the growing community of discerning drinkers looking to live a vibrant lifestyle. It allows consumers to have a good-time, guilt free.”


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