The Morning Advertiser's Lock In Podcast episode 73

The Lock In Podcast

Perfecting the art of the serve

By Ed Bedington

Why is there a North/South divide when it comes to beer head and does Guinness really need to be poured in stages? The Lock In team tackle that and other issues around the concept of the perfect serve.

Collaborative approach: JDW's Tim Martin put the honour down to a team effort

JDW boss Tim Martin knighted in New Year Honours

By Nikkie Thatcher

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) founder and chairman Tim Martin is among a number of people from the hospitality sector who have been recognised in the King’s 2024 New Year Honours list.

Refreshing and clean: Little Mercies co-owner Alan Sherwood shares how to make the bar's Kiwi Gimlet cocktail (Credit: Getty/SolStock)


How to make a Kiwi Gimlet cocktail

By Rebecca Weller

This week’s Drinks Masterclass showcases a Kiwi Gimlet cocktail (19% ABV) from award-winning sustainable bar Little Mercies in Crouch End, North London.

Less is more: Hey Palu co-owner shares how to make the venues Wild Strawberry Negroni cocktail (Credit:Getty/SolStock)


How to make a strawberry Negroni

By Rebecca Weller

This week's Drinks Masterclass showcases a strawberry Negroni from Edinburgh-based cocktail bar, Hey Palu.

New products: this week's round up features new serves from Guinness, Salcombe Distilling Co and Ellers Farm


Guinness 0.0 launches for the on-trade

By Rebecca Weller

This week's round-up features an on-trade debut from Guinness alongside a new gin from Ellers Farm Distillery and a festive relaunch from Salcombe Distilling Co.

Drinks List 2023: Smirnoff Red most sold spirit in 2022 (Credit: Getty/pjohnson1)

drinks list 2023

Smirnoff Red most sold spirit of the year

By Rebecca Weller

Smirnoff Red, Captain Morgans Spiced and Jagermeister were the top three best-selling spirits in 2022, the Drinks List 2023 has revealed.

Negroni Sbagliato... with Prosecco in it: Sam Espensen bottles the drink

How to make a Negroni Sbagliato

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Bartenders give tips on making the perfect Negroni Sbagliato after the drink’s popularity skyrocketed following a viral TikTok video.

Breaching code: Gordon Ramsay's gin ad banned (Getty/ Annie Otzen)

Gordon Ramsay gin ad breaches marketing code

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

An ad campaign for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s new gin has been banned, as was found to make nutritional claims forbidden under the UK marketing code.

It's party time: Nigel Farage holding Brexit-inspired gin

Nigel Farage reveals top 5 Brexit gin party guests

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

The Queen, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were among the top five historical guests Nigel Farage would invite to a party celebrating his new Brexit-themed gin, the former UKIP leader told The Morning Advertiser.

New be-gin-ings: Farage takes to the drinks business with 'Brexit-flavoured' tipple (Getty/ nirian)

Nigel Farage launches Brexit-themed gin range

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Brexiteer Nigel Farage has launched his own brand of Brexit-inspired gin, made with “patriotic flavours”, and produced by a distillery in Cornwall.

Do consumers still love gin?

Promotional content

Sparks are still flying in our love affair with gin

By Kate Blake, senior category strategy manager, Diageo

Brits have had a long love affair with gin, which we believe could be due to the versatility of the liquid as well as its increasingly accessible flavour profiles.

Top thoughts: being able to diversify will help businesses, according to Seb Heeley-Wiggins


'Diversification will carry us through'

By Seb Heeley-Wiggins, the Spirit of Manchester Distillery co-founder

Last year, amid the turmoil of the hospitality sector, we made a choice to plough a significant investment into a roto-vap allowing us to distil under pressure and at lower temperatures.

New opening: Tin of Sardines to launch Sunderland venue

Tin of Sardines to open third site

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

Tin of Sardines, which made headlines when it opened the world’s smallest gin bar in Durham, is set to open a third site, on Sunderland’s sea front, with a landscaped outdoor terrace hanging over the Roker Pier.

Bottling the magic of the sea: Hendrick's new gin is inspired by the coastal walks and sound of the waves in Scotland


Hendrick's and Greenall's launch new gins

By Rebecca Weller

The drinks sector has been gearing up for summer this week with a new coastal-themed gin from Hendrick's and a new fruity offering from Greenall's launched alongside new products from Sheperd Neame, Galipette, Chandon, San Pellegrino, Coastal...

Punishing losses: Gin sales in the UK decreased from £2.7bn in 2019 to £1.9bn in 2020 (Credit: Getty/FluxFactory)

Gin sales see nearly £1bn decline

By Rebecca Weller

Gin sales in the UK dropped by almost £1bn in value, decreasing from £2.7bn in 2019 to £1.9bn in 2020 following various lockdowns and pub closures, according to figures from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

Has gin fallen out of favour with consumers?

Has the gin bubble burst?

By Ed Bedington

After what has seemed like a never-ending boom, it looks like the rapacious consumer demand for gin appears to be tailing off.

New launches: a number of drinks products have recently been unveiled

The first drinks launches of 2022

By The Morning Advertiser

The first few days of 2022 have seen a variety of new drinks launched including beer, wine and spirits.

Fok Hing Gin: alluding to profanity?

Gin company forced to change its labels

By Rebecca Weller

The alcohol industry’s independent Complaints Panel has made a precedent changing decision to force Fok Hing Gin to change their labels.

How important are cocktails to pubs?

Spirits Week – in association with Diageo

Cocktails 'vital part' of on-trade sales mix

By The Morning Advertiser

On day two of Spirits Week, brought to you by Diageo, CGA’s Tom Quinn serves up some key stats about the spirit and cocktail categories and runs through the recipe for spirits success.