Deep disappointment: Drinks companies react to the Spring Budget (Getty/ andresr)


Duty hike ‘bitter blow’ for drinks firms

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

The Chancellor announced wine drinkers would be hit by the biggest single duty rise in almost 50 years at yesterday’s Spring Budget, leaving the sector “deeply disappointed”.

Advice provided: the report shows how operators can identify counterfeit wine and spirits (image: Getty/draghicich)

How to spot fake alcohol

By Nikkie Thatcher

Advice on how to spot fraudulent alcohol has been unveiled in a new report from the Fraud Advisory Panel.

More pours: which new products have launched in the past week?

New product round-up

New look for London Pride, Canadian craft spirits sign UK deal

By Stuart Stone

In addition to news of a two-year British and Irish Lions partnership and brand revamp for London Pride, this new products round-up includes updates from a trio of Canadian craft spirits and English Whisky Co.

Crunching the numbers: an in-depth look at the best performing brands and variants in every beverage category in the on-trade

Drinks list 2020

The Drinks List: Top Brands to Stock 2020

By Nicholas Robinson

Getting to grips with data in The Morning Advertiser’s Drinks List 2019 will give operators a head start in formulating successful drinks menus.

Worth the wait: expect sherry aromas, ripe fruits and an oak finish from Benromach’s new release

Benromach unveils rare 50-year-old single malt

By Alice Leader

Malt Whisky Trail member – Benromach Distillery – has revealed one of its rarest single malt releases after spending half a century maturing in a former sherry hogshead cask.

Whisky is on the up

In association with Diageo

Unravel the complexities of whisky

By Nicholas Robinson

The complexity of whisky as a category means there is a product or style for every customer, a situation made clear in new sales data that shows pockets of significant growth, as well as areas of real sales potential.

Cheers: whisky can be young and fun

In association with Hi-Spirits

How can we increase whisky sales?

By Nicholas Robinson

Dark, moody and complex are three words few would deny succinctly describe the whisky category. However, though seemingly innocuous, such an ‘inoffensive’ handful of words is actually detrimental to whisky’s ability to step up its performance.

How you like: drinkers told not to worry about how they drink their whiskey

Drink whiskey ‘any damn way you want’

By Nicholas Robinson

That's the advice of Jim Beam’s straight-talking head distiller Fred Noe, speaking on a visit to the UK from JB's homeland of Kentucky where the spirit has been distilled since 1795.

Refresh: the new whiskies will replace the existing range of Origin, Superstition, Diurachs’ Own 16 and Prophecy

Jura launches range of five new whiskies

By James Beeson

Jura Single Malt Whisky is set to undertake the biggest launch in its history with the unveiling of an entirely new range of whiskies for domestic markets around the world.

Multi functional: whisky now comes in a huge array of styles

Whisky is no longer on the rocks

By Nikkie Sutton

Operators shouldn’t have to shy away from the ‘water of life’ because it can offer opportunities to save money and time while pleasing whisky and non-whisky drinkers alike

Drop the Dram Duty: Latest polling shows broad disaffection with how the Government is dealing with the Scotch Whisky industry.

Scots call on Hammond to cut whisky duty

By Stuart Stone

New polling has revealed that more than two thirds of Scots want Chancellor Philip Hammond to cut whisky's “supertax” in this month’s budget.

Emerging scene: the Japanese whisky market is a serious challenger to the old world

Future Trends: Spirits

Where next for whisky?

By James Beeson

The rise of products from the rest of the world market and an increased focus on personality are just two trends to look out for in the future of whisky, according to a leading spirits author.

Future trend: golden rum is predicted to overtake gin volumes in the next three years

Future Trends: Spirits

Rum will overtake gin as the next big spirit

By Nikkie Sutton

Golden rum will be the next big trend in the spirits category, outpacing gin in the next three years according to data insight experts CGA.

Whiskey or whisky? It's a new day

Whiskey or whisky? It's a new day

By Nicholas Robinson

Whether it’s malt whisky, an American Bourbon or an Irish whiskey, the whisk(e)y category is vast and hugely diverse. Blended Scotch may be the biggest player in the sector, but interest is piquing in other areas and will not play second fiddle to white...

Rare: only 52 Benromach Heritage 1973 bottles will be released


Benromach releases rare whisky

By James Evison

An extremely rare single cask malt whisky has been added to Benromach Distillery Company's range.

Cocktails in pubs are on the up

Top 10 spirits brands in pubs

Brexit will lead customers to trade-up on spirits

By Nicholas Robinson

Brexit will impact the UK’s spirits category, but operators can benefit from any negativity by focusing on their customers’ needs, according to William Grant & Sons’ managing director for UK & Ireland.

Burns Night event ideas for UK pubs

Burns' Night: hosting a flaming good celebration

By Ben Winstanley

Burns’ Night is a hot opportunity to bring in customers and make a toast to the life of poet and lyricist Robert Burns. Ben Winstanley takes a look at how all types of venues can boost their GPs

Back bar bulletin

Back bar bulletin

By Laurie Macdonald

Spirits to softs and cocktails to cider, your essential round-up of what's hot on the back bar.

Brown-Forman sets out American whiskey strategy

Brown-Forman sets out American whiskey strategy

By Laurie Macdonald

Brown-Forman has outlined its strategy to educate bar staff and consumers about the American whiskey category. The campaign is aimed at harnessing the category’s potential and continuing growth in the UK.


Jennings: Lessons to learn from Czech spirits scandal

By Tony Jennings

I think most of the people in our business will have at least heard of the spirits-lacing scandal in the Czech Republic — the home of Budvar — where cheap vodka and rum laced with methyl-alcohol sold from street stalls has killed 20 people in the course...