All news articles for October 2021

Price drop announced: JDW chairman Tim Martin

JDW drops prices on three alcoholic serves to 99p

By Gary Lloyd

JD Wetherspoon (JDW) will reduce prices on a trio of alcoholic drinks to 99p at 671 of its pubs but minimum unit pricing means customers to sites in Scotland and Wales will pay £1.10 on one of those lines.

What does the industry think of the 2021 Budget?

August budget 2021

Budget 2021: Industry reaction

By Ed Bedington

As the dust settles around Rishi Sunak's Budget, the industry is starting to pick apart the details of the pledges made, with mixed reactions. The Morning Advertiser spoke to a range of leading figures from the trade to get their thoughts on whether...

In good spirits: stronger drinks are leading the line this week for the new products list

New products round-up

Spirits dominate latest new launches

By Gary Lloyd

Whether it's the fiscal boon awarded to the spirits sector through this week's Autumn Budget statement from Chancellor Rishi Sunak or just a buzz for Halloween, spirits are the top hitters for new products this week.

Government move praised: Hogs Back Brewery owner Rupert Thompson

Autumn Budget 2021

Duty freeze and further cuts are 'bold and far reaching'

By Gary Lloyd

Sector bosses have hailed the Government’s decision to scrap planned duty increases to alcoholic drinks and introduce a Draught Relief scheme to further reduce duty as “bold and far reaching”.

Is this the best budget for pubs in years?

Autumn Budget 2021

Best budget for pubs in a generation?

By Ed Bedington

Despite all the leaks, from a government that makes the Titanic look like a viable operation, there were still a few rabbits in Rishi Sunak’s hat as he stood up in Parliament today (27 October 2021).

Rates reduction: Business rates reduced to 50% for the hospitality sector in the next year, Sunak announced (Getty/ Walter Bibikow)

Autumn Budget 2021

50% business rates discount for hospitality sector

By Amelie Maurice-Jones

A 50% business rates discount will be put in place for the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors for one year, announced the Chancellor of the Exchequer at today's Autumn Budget (Wednesday 27 October).