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Toggle Time 2: Let’s grab Christmas by the Snowballs – £35m of gift card sales expected this Christmas

By Airship

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Airship and Toggle expect giftcards to be Christmas hit

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Toggle, The Hospitality Gift Card & Commerce platform, has launched “Toggle Time 2’, a campaign to help hospitality businesses bring in additional revenue through the ultimate hospitality word of mouth: gifting.
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Toggle Time 2 is simply about getting YOUR brand under THEIR tree. We have three months to absolutely smash Christmas and here at Toggle we aim to help you do just that. As we all know, Christmas is the most profitable time of year for our sector; but here’s some figures you might not know:

Here's some maths for you chew over:

  • We’re on track to see £35m of hospitality purchases through Toggle this year. Split between 745k individual transactions (our average value is £47)
  • 60% of these purchases happen between Nov & December = 450k of people who will then visit your venues
  • The average number of guests booking is 3.3 (UK average) and average SPH = £25ish so…
  • 450k of people will redeem £21m of revenue with an uplift of around £16m
  • That’s not even taking into account the natural lift you get when someone spends with a gift card… (it's about 55% of the value… in case you were wondering)
  • AND - the majority of these visitors are going to be new customers - because gift cards are the ultimate word of mouth. Capture their data, get them into your CRM, and start working on that next visit…
  • The full Turkey Pie is worth = £48m 

Our own research with KAM shows that 31% of consumers will be visiting bars less, and 36% will be visiting restaurants less, however, 32% will be spending more on gifts; meaning gifting could go someway to making up for that lost in-venue revenue.

Our mission with Toggle Time 2 is to help you make the most of this festive season, to squeeze every drop out of the opportunity, and to build a base for 2023.  

Here’s how:

New revenue

1. Over the next few months, we want to see our Togglers grow, that’s why for anyone signing up to toggle before November 1st, we’re removing all onboarding fees and you’ll pay no licence fees until January 2023. We firmly believe to have a successful gifting scheme, you need to pop a marketing strategy behind it. Luckily, Airship, our  email and SMS platform allows you to distribute toggle gift cards as well as shout about your new webshop and gifting services. 

Want to know more about how Airship and Toggle go hand in hand? Read all about it here:​ 

2. As always, we offer our Togglers unlimited support. Our support team are running two drop in sessions every week, these sessions offer best practice advice on how to build the ultimate Christmas Toggle webshop and how to continue building upon your existing gifting strategy.

If you want to talk Toggle, register here​. 

If you want to learn how to use CRM, and more specifically, learn how to use CRM to help boost gifting operations - go here​.

Look out for new releases in the coming weeks… we’ve something BIG coming to Toggle to help drive more pre-visit revenue.


1. Our KAM Media research has indicated that brits have previously, and intend to, buy certain types of gifts. With the leading 34% of people previously buying gift cards, there is a remaining 66% of the population who are intending to purchase: Brand merchandise, retail product, experiences and hotel stays (with the popularity in that order).

With a fully operation distribution centre - you can use Toggle can to expand your revenue streams and put your brand in the customers home (as well as delivering a future visit).

2. You can order a physical gift card sample pack, full of our eco-friendly collection of styles, materials, and finishes. This is your first step for setting up a physical gift card operation. Order one here.

3. We’ve teamed up with Solovey to raise £1m for War Child to help refugees fleeing Ukraine. Solovey is a Ukrainian Vodka, the profits of which all go to their charity. We are stocking it in our distribution centre for you to sell online through your stores, you don’t have to lift a finger. If you want to go the extra mile, then stock Solovey in your bars and mix a couple of cocktails to help a great cause, contact Yasha Estraikh (lnfun@cvcre.pb.hx​ or visit​)    


We’ve built a Toggle Time resource Grotto ​for you to access as and when you please. This library has best practice tips from ourselves and industry experts, giving guest insights, ideas and tech tips and tricks!

Specifically, inside the grotto​, you can find:

1. Gift card whitepaper, built from the results of our research with KAM Media. This will soon be available for you to understand about the consumers interests and intentions this gifting season, digging into the subject to allow you to navigate your gifting practices (as well as other operations).

2.This September, we ran our Tech the Halls event. We had talks from over 8 sector specialists, both operators and partners who gave Christmas specific presentations around how to utilise tech, data and boost your Christmas winnings! Luckily, we filmed it, and all the talks will be available right here.

3. Toggle is no stranger to case studies. We have fantastic customers who use our platforms in equally fantastic ways. This Christmas, we will be launching a variety of Christmas (and non-Christmas) themed case studies for you to see how your peers are using CRM and gifting channels with a festive flair. 

From our research, we have found that currently only 18% of customers have already begun their Christmas planning. In fact ONLY 24% WON’T think about Christmas at all until December. This means that launching your campaigns soon will mean you have the majority of the population in your vision. A lot of time means a lot of opportunity. 

NOW is the time to Grab Christmas by the Snowballs. To ensure that your brand is under their tree. If you are already with Toggle, jump on the drop in sessions,  and if you’re not? Let’s get you set up. Book a demo here ​to start gifting for Christmas!

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